jeremygoddard's 1999 Honda CRM 250
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Information: Is there a kind sole out there with a working CRM 250 AR who could check their wiring going into the CDI and confirm that mine are correct? It seems that somebody tampered with the wiring on my bike, and as a result burnt the CDI. Having just bought a new CDI, I donít want to put it in until Iím sure that the wiring is OK. Facing the CDI - ie looking at the backs of the two plugs - and with the clips on the pugs on top, this is what mine looks like: The black plug: (left to right top row): 1 blue/green, 2 pink, 3 pale green/black, 4 pale green/yellow, 5 pale green/white, 6 pink/green (left to right bottom row): 1 red/white, 2 yellow/blue, 3 blue/green, 4 pale green, 5 white, 6 blue/yellow The white plug: (left to right top row): 1 green/brown, 2 red, 3 black/green, 4 pink/white, 5 black/white, 6 green (left to right bottom row) : 1 green/white, 2 white/green, 3 white/black, 4 pink/black, 5 black/yellow, 5 green/light blue Obviously, the PDF format manual supplied by Leisure Trails is no help since it doesnít include the AR (only Mk1,2,3), and after getting it translated it appears there are apparently no pink, brown or blue wires on those models anyway. Greetings from off-road paradise (Tanzania). A million thanks! Jez

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