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Member: joef821
Name: Joe Fleming
From: New York City, VISTA, NY, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years old
Riding For: 17 years
Member Info: Well I love to Ride, I bought an XR80 when I was about 11 or 12. I outgrew that fast, I bought a Brand New XR200 in the Spring of 2002 at 15 years old. Wasted no time installing a Light Kit from Bajadesigns and Skidplates. My friends and I all love to ride, two of my friends have nice quads. One has a 2002 Yamaha Blaster, worked, FMF pipe, K&N air filter and bored to a 250. My other friend has a Kawasaki Mojave with DG exhaust and K&N power-up kit, itīs a real nice machine anyway. And oh yea My Friendīs father has got 1988 YZ250, well it used to be a 250. Bored to a 300!! oh wait a minute that was last year... now itīs a 400!!! Itīs a monster, he does like 80 on it! Itīs truly a bad machine. MY BIKE!! 2002 XR200R Installed the Big Gun Exhaust and K&N Air Filter in it. Iīm really happy with the way that it came out!! My father has the 400 and the pipe made my bike sound much better than his!! If anyone wants to talk XRīs or just about riding E-mail me or IM me. [email protected] Check out my truck at All My Friends and Family We Love to Ride no Matter what it is, what time of year it is or where we are. We will always be riding. This page is dedicated to all my F&F not FMF but friends and family. Heres the run-down on what we got and some pictures of us having fun and what not. The first two vehicles on the list are mine, bought and paid for. The XR200 and the ī86 Polaris. The rest is all my friends and what not. Enjoy Dan- 2002 Yamaha Blaster, FMF pipe, Jetted, Bored out to a 250 not 200, K&N Filter, Boyseens, Wiseco Piston, very nice and very fast. 1988 YZ250, 200 bucks canīt beat it Ryan F.- 2003 Kawasaki Mojave, DG pipe, K&N powerkit itīs a really nice lookin machine. Donīt Forget the Trailsport Buffalo and Manco Dingo though. Mike- 2003 CRF230-can´t beat me 2001 Honda Rancher 4x4 ES-Great working vehicle Nate- Suzuki Quadsport 160-may it rest in peace, but it did good dingers! Ryan J.- THE JAWA, my old mini-bike sold it to him for like 40 bucks, steel frame, 5 horse briggs, you have to see this thing to believe it. It gives my bike a run for itīs money sometimes. Dave- 1988 Yamaha YZ250-Bored out to a 400cc 2-stroke, WOW, all the 2-stroker goodies, FMF and Boyseen Reeds, Itīs bad, wanna try and ride it? See if you can even keep it on the ground! Dad- 2000 Suzuki DR200-Ah, itīs alright, no too good on the road and even worse in the trails, but it moves. 2002 Honda XR400R-Rips, nicest 4-stroke bike Iīve ever ridden, Dad never has the time to put the mileage on it, so I do it for him. 2003 Suzuki Marauder 800-His on-Road Toy Uncle Donnie- 2000 Polaris Indy 600XC-Nice sled and wicked fast, another beastly machine. 2003 Harley Davidson Fatboy FLSTF-Itīs a thing of beauty and a Joy to Behold, sounds so good with those Screamin Eagle Pipes on it can hear it coming a mile away.
2002 Honda XR 200

Photos: 17
Info: This is My Main Bike, 2002 Honda XR200 it´s a real good bike, always reliable, fun in the trails. At 16 I´m almost too heavy for it already probably not the bike of choice for riders over 140 lbs. I think I´m about ready for a CR.
1986 Polaris Indy 400

Photos: 3
Info: Good Trail Sled, I bought it a Lamphears Sales and Service for 800 bucks. Really can´t beat that, Polaris 400´s are pretty much bulletproof anyway. Winds right up on the trails and is just fine for me. Until I get my truck paid off...
2002 Honda XR 400

Photos: 1
1988 Yamaha YZ 250

Photos: 4
Info: This is Dave´s YZ250 bored out to a 400 2-stroke pretty nasty bike!! Wanna try and ride, doubtful if you can even keep it on the ground. As you can see Ryan has a little trouble keeping it on the ground.
1992 Polaris RXL 650

Photos: 2
Info: This is Nate´s Sled Fuel injected Triple Cylinder 650. You better hold on when you ride this.
2003 Kawasaki Mojave

Photos: 1
Info: This is Ryan´s Jave!
1990 Suzuki Q. Runner 160

Photos: 2
Info: This was Nate´s 160 it was an animal too it did good dingers. Until it got beef one day and Nate traded ADHD Brakes for the LT250.
1987 Suzuki Quadracer 250

Photos: 2
Info: This is Nate´s New project Suzuki Quadracer with a kawi 2-stroke 250 motor on it. The motor seized and Brakes did´nt know what to do with it so he traded Nate for the 160!
1989 Yamaha YZ 80

Photos: 1
Info: The 80 is an animal thats all you gotta know!
1975 CZ 500

Photos: 0

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