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Member: jordyroo
Name: Jordan Rougvie
From: Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years old
Riding For: 11 years
Member Info: Love bikes, especially motocross bikes, absolutely love offroadin!! Love my 2strokes =)
1996 Honda CR 250

Photos: 39
Purchased: Jan 2008
Info: New Bike!! Purchased on 05/01/08. 570 off ebay from south wales. havent got it yet but should be here on friday cant wait!.... Update Have got it now. took it out straight away! Update few weeks after buying it i blew piston & bottom end.... Now comes the fun part! Bought new wiseco crank, conrod & pro-lite piston from america & ordered new parts from racespec. Finally gt me new parts... Pro t
1995 Yamaha DT 125

Photos: 32
Purchased: Jun 2006
Sold: Nov 2006
Info: Well as this is my first bike, i dnt reli no wat its like 2 ride other bikes. it needs a lil bit of work doin to it but onli minor things such as paintwork, plastics and tuning. This is a gd bike as in its easy 2 learn on but howeva it sumtimes takes the piss 2 start but all round it is a gd bike... since owning this bike i have sprayed it, bought a reconditioned carb, reconditioned seat, had a re
1991 Yamaha DT 125

Photos: 7
Purchased: Jul 2006
Sold: Nov 2006
Info: This is my other DT 125 i purchased frm ma mate kiers. he decided he cudnt b arsed 2 spend money n effort wen hes tryin 2 save 4 a 1000cc super bike. it needs alot of wrk n effort goin in2 it n im willin 2 do tht... actually no im not willing 2 do tht the bike is doin ma head in n its now on ebay. Sold both DT''s for 200 and a crate of strongbow on 16/11/06.
1988 Honda MT 50

Photos: 4
Purchased: Dec 2006
Sold: Jan 2007
Info: Just bought this off my mate 4 sum reason lol. it was onli 60 so not bad and it runs sweet even tho it is a 50 haha.... Update sold 05/01/07 for 150...... Update just swapped for midi moto.... Update sold for 50
2006 Blata Pocket Bike

Photos: 6
Purchased: Jan 2007
Sold: Mar 2007
Info: I know this is not a blata but its the closest thing 2 it lol. I bought this lil 50cc bike brand new off a friend for 20 its running jus doesnt move. i am convinced its the carb so i have bought a new 1 from ebay for 12 inc P+P. Update well i put a new carb on and it worked but was sluggish, i changed the petrol mixture and it flew. :) Update was out on it and the clutch went... Update fixed
2002 Aprilia RS 125

Photos: 26
Purchased: Jan 2007
Sold: Apr 2007
Info: i just bought this bike off ebay for 1495 its onli got 4000miles on the clock :O practically brand new. i havent collected it yet but will be within the week :) Update.... have recieved the bike, its in mint condition!! Very Pleased :).... Update sum fucker cut me up on tesco n i slammed me brakes on, n jus lost the front end. bike should be gtin sorted on wed :) Update Blown top & bottom end @
1986 Honda XR 250

Photos: 26
Purchased: Jun 2007
Sold: Feb 2008
Info: My new project, bought off kizza. Needs new top end as the camshaft carrier has worn away due to lack of oil, still runs mint & doesnt need changing desparatly. ill add more as i go along :)... Update Sent barrel off today gettin 1mm overbore. jus ordered a new head, rocker cover and camshaft. got new oil filter & air filter also took the white mudguards off the XLR 2 put on this... Update got
2001 Honda XLR125

Photos: 13
Purchased: Apr 2007
Sold: Sep 2007
Info: My New bike i bought off thompz for 550 with tax& test as a cheap run around. Have since changed the indicators, front & rear mudguards to some 05 CRF 250 ones, added UFO handguards, Acerbis front headlight, new fork gaitors, a 140/80 x 18 Michelin enduro competition tyre, have got some new graphics & a seat cover redi 2 fit. Sold 04/09/07 for 500 with no tax or test.
1998 Honda XR 250

Photos: 6
Purchased: Jul 2007
Sold: Oct 2008
Info: New bike bought off ebay. 7000miles onthe clock paid 250 for it... runs sweet lad obvs didnt no anythin bout bikes. had 2 mission all the way to dorset but was worth it. shock needs regassing, needs rear tyre and a battery :).... Update have had shock done, fitted a new tyre & battery. Needs a new oil seal on the gear lever shaft. Test soon ;).... Update changed oil seals so leak is sorted. Sold
1986 Honda CR 80

Photos: 9
Purchased: Dec 2007
Sold: Mar 2008
Info: Just bought this off a mate (29/12/07) for 150, it needs a piston & a general tidy up =).... Update bought a piston & a race tuned cylinder fitted it & it goes like sh*t off a shovel! bought an air filter aswell..... Update sold on 26/03/08 for 330.
1984 Yamaha YZ 80

Photos: 7
Purchased: Jan 2008
Sold: Jan 2008
Info: Just brought this off my mate (02/01/08) for 150 just needed a new throttle but i had 1 in my spares so i sorted it straight away. =P it goes like sh*t off a shovelll!!!!!! =P..... Update sold on 04/01/08 for 300 on ebay. New bike soon....
1990 Suzuki DR 125

Photos: 2
Purchased: Nov 2008
Sold: Jan 2009
Info: Bought on 23/11/08 for 445 with a full bike for spares, just a run around bike for a while. Full micron exhaust, newly rebuilt engine & serviced. Now for sale on ebay. Sold for 425 without the spares on 30/01/09.
1998 Beta Techno 250

Photos: 14
Purchased: Feb 2009
Sold: Mar 2009
Info: Purchased this on 24/02/09 for 360 as a non runner. Its a dougie lampkin replica. Needs a back box & airbox to carb rubber. Needs a really good clean & polish! Carb was full of so much shit so that was completely stripped & rebuilt. Drained & replaced gearbox oil, sourced a hose & ordered a new pipe. Removed tatty stickers & polished frame. Sold for 460 on 08/03/09
1993 Yamaha YZ 125

Photos: 44
Purchased: Mar 2009
Sold: Apr 2009
Info: Purchased on 05/03/09 for 270, has loads of powdercoated bits & zinc coated pegs etc etc. needs a new cylinder sleeve (old one not damaged just worn out). Its had.... - New wheel bearings - New headstock bearings - New top gaskets - New small end bearing - New Wiseco pro-lite piston - New cylinder sleeve - New spark plug - New EBC clutch kit - New heavy duty inner tubes - New rim tape
1990 Kawasaki KX 80

Photos: 3
Info: Got this in a part ex on 14/04/09, for the mrs''s lil bro as his 1st bike. Its a rapid lil bike. Had new chain & sprockets.
1986 Yamaha YZ 125

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jul 2009
Sold: Aug 2009
2001 Kawasaki KX 60

Photos: 3
Purchased: Dec 2010
Sold: Mar 2011
Info: Bought on 04/12/10 for 70 with a seized engine. Been stripped & problem is the main bearings. piston is ok, crank looks solid but i may replace it just to be sure. Replaced con-rod, main bearings & gaskets. sold for 375 on 14/03/11 on ebay.
1988 Honda NS 125

Photos: 3
Info: needed top end rebuld & spray job. taxed until march 2012.
2005 Kawasaki KX 125

Photos: 12
Purchased: Jul 2006
Info: Ash''s bike... Wavey discs, full DEP system, Excel rims with Talon hubs. very clean and nice bike :)
1998 Suzuki Bandit 600

Photos: 2
Purchased: Oct 2006
Info: Dannybois bike... Really good condition bike for a 1998. carbon fibre headlight fairing, micron exhaust.... Fast as F**K
1991 Kawasaki KDX 250

Photos: 2
Info: Chris'' bike... full FMF exhaust system, aftermarket shock and aftermarket air filter.
1997 Honda CR 125

Photos: 1
Info: Stu''s Bike... Race tuned
2000 Aprilia RS 125

Photos: 3
Info: Thompz''s Old Bike...
2006 Yamaha DT 125RE

Photos: 3
Info: Tanners Bike...
1996 Yamaha Blaster

Photos: 7
Info: Thompz''s Quad... 200cc 2stroke :P
1996 Suzuki RM 125

Photos: 2
Purchased: Sep 2007
Info: Kizzas RM 125. Paid 300... 1 day later got robbed. R.I.P RM 125 =(
1994 Honda CBR 900

Photos: 7
Sold: Mar 2009
Info: Kizzas stunt bike, currently on ebay wants 800 for it.
1995 Kawasaki KX 125

Photos: 3
Purchased: Mar 2009
Info: Kizzas bike, paid 300 needs piston

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