jordyroo's 1991 Yamaha DT 125
Info: this is the first pic he had of this bike. as u can c it is an ebay picture.
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Info: this is 1 of the later pics we got of it. its in a pretty bad way. :(
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Info: plastics r all in gd shape no major cracks or holes. needs new wiring loom n brake pins.
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Info: hmmm a very nice naked bike ;) needs a barrel rebore, new piston, new gaskets, new wiring loom...(list goes on 4eva)... new seat cover, new exaust, new brake pins n cud do wid sum new tyres. so nt alo...
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Purchased: Jul 2006
Sold: Nov 2006
Information: This is my other DT 125 i purchased frm ma mate kiers. he decided he cudnt b arsed 2 spend money n effort wen hes tryin 2 save 4 a 1000cc super bike. it needs alot of wrk n effort goin in2 it n im willin 2 do tht... actually no im not willing 2 do tht the bike is doin ma head in n its now on ebay. Sold both DT''s for 200 and a crate of strongbow on 16/11/06.

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