kanwali's 1982 Honda CB 400
Info: This is my same black 400 Twin but renovated. I did most of the engine work myself, paint oviously from the painter guy. But it looks really nice now and the sound is excillent............. :)
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Info: The same bike. Can you see the shine........!!?
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Info: This is a close up of the fuel tank and the engine and the side cover. Note that the 400 Twin on the side cover is not a sticker as in orignal case but a metal casting made out. Looks smart dosent it?...
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Info: This is my bike when it wa sin black. Looked good too
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Info: My cousin Enan Samuel on my first ever Honda 400Twin in 2003. Good old dayz..... This was the first day out of the workshop..
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Info: We called it 'The Lone Hawk'
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Info: These are the two very first bikes we renovated. We got them from the Military auction in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 2003 and got down to bussiness. Note that the left bike is mine which was a purple met...
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Info: Just for reference, this is an orignal Honda 400 Twin model in its orignal setting and accessories. The color is Genuine... (pic from net)
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Info: Here are both my bikes together. Dont they look just cool..... :)
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