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Member: kawasakig4
Name: Luke Demakos
From: Chicago, Oak Forest, Illinois, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years old
Riding For: 11 years
Member Info: Got first bike at 14. I started riding at 15. I have been buying and selling bikes to make money.
1975 Kawasaki g4 100

Photos: 10
Purchased: Dec 2004
Sold: Aug 2005
Info: Bought it as a junk on Chritmas for $100. Got it running and re did it. Rode it for about 3 months and then sold for 500. Pics of Bad Lands and The Cliffs.
1975 Kawasaki F11 250

Photos: 10
Purchased: Jan 2004
Sold: Jul 2005
Info: Bought it non-running for 100. Took down to frame and re did everything. Very powerful bike, lots of compliments. People like old bikes. Sold for 600. Pics of The Bad Lands and The Cliffs.
1975 Kawasaki G5 100

Photos: 2
Info: This bike is powerful for a 100. It will go 65. I also took this bike down to frame too. Traded it for the RM.
1973 Suzuki TC 125

Photos: 5
Info: This bike is a rare bike. I got this bike by trading the Kawasaki F11. It has a dual range tranny. I took it all down to frame and re painted everything. Had motor bored out 1mm over. It is also street legal. Nice bike.
1983 Suzuki RM 125

Photos: 8
Info: Got this one from friend through a trade. It was the Kawasaki G5 for this, but it was in pieces. So i put back together, painted and now 600+. Powerful bike. It is a flat track bike with an exhuast that the 1st owner made. Its loud.
1981 Honda CB 650

Photos: 1
Info: Still working on.
1984 Yamaha Yamahopper QT 50

Photos: 2
Info: Bought from friend for 20 bucks. It was in the back of his shed for 10 years. I got it running, cleaned it up and painted it. I put no money in it. I used paint i had, and it runs great. Everything works. Now it is worth 200+.
1979 Honda CB 125

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2006
Info: Bought this bike from Valporaso swap meet for 450.00.

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