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Member: kawboytea
Name: Big Tim
From: I just moved to dussuldorf, Germany
Gender: Male
Member Info: Hello again August 2002 , I wrecked the 1999 ZX9R! A tree jumped in the road. I made it out O.K. with just a few scratches. In May 2003 I purchased the 2003 ZX9R and within a week the Muzzy and chrome wheels were in place. I added a black tank bra, a dark smoked euro windscreen and chrome decals. I just recently polished my front forks but itīs just a temp job but itīs not reflected in the pictures. I still think itīs tight, though. I still canīt figure out wich is faster; the 1999 0r 2003 but I can say that I think the new has better throttle response. At 3k in first gear, a roll of the throttle and my front wheel is airborne. I was impressed! I hope you are too. Peace!!!! Update Mar. 2004, I just started to polish my frame. I was undecided about wether to chrome it or polish it. I chose to polish because I could constantly see the reflections of my work. I plan to chrome my swing arm and all my brackets though. I will also finish polishing my front forks and the front rotors too. Hopefully it can be finished by mid April. I will color match my belly pan and have a plan for a rear hugger and undertail in the works. Let me know what you think. Holla Update May 2004 I finished polishing my frameand I also did my rotors. I have finally got my parts back from the chrome shop. I have painted my belly pan, yet. I have it back together. I just cracked my front upper looking for one. Give me some info. If you can. I think it turned out pretty good. Let me know what you think. Holla Update May2005 I repolished my front forks and they definitely look better. I added steel braided front and rear brake lines. I have lowered it 10 mm in the front and 2" in the rear. Still no undertail and hugger, yet. I did add a corbin seat though. Hoprfully color match belly pan in Sept. Ciao
1999 Kawasaki ZX-9R

Photos: 4
Info: this is my first bike. I just got the chrome wheels and tried to polish it by myself. The polished frame is reflected in this picture. I got the fenders and bottom fairing painted to match, but it turned out a shade or 2 lighter than the factory paint. I just put a Scorpion slip-on and my next move is to have it jetted. It looks like a dream and it performance isn''t far behind its looks.
2003 Kawasaki ZX-9R

Photos: 24
Purchased: May 2003
Info: This is my new bike. Purchased in May. Muzzy and chrome wheels the following week. Euro dark smoked windscreen, tank bra and chrome decals the next following 2 weeks. Just polished my front forks. Did a half ass job but itīs o.k. for now. 4 months and 2700 miles later. I LOVE THIS THING!!!! Plans for complete chroming for the next years to do list. Holler at your boy!!!! update 04-- Polished f

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