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Member: keechox
Name: dane keech
From: west launceston, launceston, tasmania, Australia
Gender: Male
Age: 40 years old
Riding For: 31 years
Member Info: starting riding when i was about 10 and gave up after losing interest, started riding again when i was 23, also into mountaing biking, (downhill and freeriding) taking the DBR to the skate park and freestyle MULISHA STYLE!!!!!!!! when your riding, your living. everything else is just waiting!!
2004 Thumpstar 110

Photos: 12
Purchased: Feb 2005
Info: top little bike, 110cc 4 speed, top speed about 75kmph now has 38mm forks, high rise pro tapers and larger rear spring/shock
2002 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 17
Purchased: Jun 2005
Info: my new toy, not really new anymore, race tech suspension, tag bars, fly triple clamp, gripper seat, bills muffler, plenty of time on it now, still love it, sound soooo sweet screaming through the trails LONG LIVE THE TWO STROKE!!
2005 Daytona 47cc Pocket Bike

Photos: 7
Purchased: Jul 2005
Info: this is my samurai 49cc pocket rocket, not exactly super fast, but it is heaps of fun
1996 Yamaha YZF 750

Photos: 6
Info: ahhhhhhh my beloved yzf, the fastest bike i have ever riden, but would cruise around town like a kitten I MISS THIS BIKE SOOOO MUCH
1990 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 4
Info: great bike, keep up with bike much later model, fmf pipe, boysen reeds and tuned to perfection, just a pity it looked so outdated
1982 Yamaha YZ 80

Photos: 2
Sold: Oct 2003
Info: WHEELSTAND MACHINE!!! the powerband on this old weezer is really psyco, has no probs pulling but 3rd gear wheelies :)
1993 Yamaha YZ 80

Photos: 10
Info: now this thing is tuff, superfast, goes like a rocket
1976 Honda XL 80

Photos: 1
Info: this was my first ever bike, had no front brakes! big boom box muffler made it sound MAD haha check out the state of the art helmet!!!!
1983 Suzuki RM 80

Photos: 2
Info: ha this thing was a weapon, i kept flipping it, lost interest after loosing way to much skin, flipping it almost everytime i rode it
1984 Suzuki PE 175

Photos: 2
Info: first dirt bike i have owned for about 11 years, piece of sh*t, muffler keept falling off, clutch was always slipping would hardly pull a wheelstand but at least it was a bike and it started first kik every time :)
2000 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 36
Info: my recently departed bike, mainly just weekend riding but i do some racing every now and then
1988 Yamaha TZR 250

Photos: 4
Info: my first road bike, gp replica (christen sarron) two stroke, 250cc, 6 speed, very light, very quick through the twisty bits, lost out a bit on the straights though :( lots of fun and taught me heaps about cornering
1992 Kawasaki KX 60

Photos: 8
Purchased: Dec 2002
Info: bought this for a bit of fun, great fun in the backyard and for pulling wheelies (but the neighbours hate it!) power pipe, renthal bars, renthal sprockets, regina chain, custom airbox with unifilter, boysen reeds, goes pretty well for what it is
1989 Kawasaki KX 80

Photos: 4
1995 Honda CR 250

Photos: 7
Info: this bike belongs to my mate, beau, 1995 cr 250, excelent condition, always looks imaculate, he really keeps it looking smick
1998 Kawasaki Prairie 300

Photos: 1
Info: this 4wheeler is also owned by beau and his girlfriend
2001 Honda CR 250

Photos: 17
Info: this bike used to be owned by lee coones, after a few changes of hands, it now belongs to jessie, now has a fmf pipe too
2002 Honda CR 250

Photos: 3
Info: grahemes cr250, ill get some better pictures next time, guess he was just too fast for the camera :o)
1992 Kawasaki KDX 200

Photos: 4
Info: this weapon belongs to the gazman AKA garry spurway-smith
1997 Suzuki DR 350

Photos: 15
Info: this bike belongs to chris, its a 97 suzuki dr350 4 banger
2000 Honda XR 400

Photos: 9
Info: wheel stand anyone? slippery (aka james chugg)owns this xr400 and apparently he like a whelstand or two, apparently!!
1982 Honda Z 50

Photos: 2
Info: this weapon is brad browns z50 hardtail (neils son) it super fast!!!
1998 KTM 250 EXC

Photos: 9
Info: luke claims this ktm for his own, its frigen sweet, tag t2 bars, black plastics, VERY nice
1995 Suzuki DR 350

Photos: 12
Info: this dr belongs to neil brown (dad of brad) very neat and tidy
1998 Honda XR 400

Photos: 8
Info: the strezzzzzzzz mobile, owned by craig
2000 Yamaha YZ 400F

Photos: 2
Info: chris brikhills new toy!!! bloody quick!
2000 Yamaha YZ 250

Photos: 13
Info: adam austins rocketship, lots of go fast goodies!
2002 Yamaha YZ 250F

Photos: 3
Info: nic colla (aka pubes) owns this racemobile
2006 Yamaha YZ 250

Photos: 5
Info: nic collas new yz250, excel rims, pro curcuit system
2006 Thumpstar Orion 125

Photos: 7
Info: the red bike is a orion, owned by craig strez, the green bike is an atomic, owned by chris brickwood
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