Kent Dickens's Member Page
Member: kentox2004
Name: Kent Dickens
From: Dubbo, NSW, Australia
Gender: Male
Age: 41 years old
Riding For: 36 years
Member Info: Mad on Honda Dominators!!!
1999 Yamaha TTR 250

Photos: 1
Purchased: Mar 2006
Info: Solid bike. Good suspension, tough motor, do anything attitude. Reasonably easy to work on. Hassles include a tricky carb to tidy up - runs a soft spot as the needle engages making it interesting in hills, and brakes that feel spongy on tar, but good on dirt. Power disappears at high revs and standard gearing is too tall for anything but road work. Yamaha have lost the plot on a wide ratio gea
2002 Honda XR 650

Photos: 0
Purchased: Nov 2007
Info: nx motor but 2nd gear is different. shocking headlight, tall soft seat. Stock pipe still fitted with baffle cut out, so have made one from some 1" s/s pipe. - much quieter. Final gearing now 14/45 (15/45 stock) & suitable for bothslow work and 100kph cruising
1995 Honda NX 650 Dominator

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 1995
Sold: Feb 1999
Info: Deceptively good dirt handling, reliable torquey motor that was still loosening up at 30,000km, heavy gearbox that was occassionally vague on 4th-5th change under power, amazing headlight, good wind protection
1999 Honda NX 650 Dominator

Photos: 8
Purchased: Aug 1999
Sold: Apr 2006
Info: wind protection not as good as the 1995 Excellent dirt handling - suspension behaved better. brembo brakes and S/S header pipe standard Motor was never as strong as the 1995 model, was a difficult starter on cold mornings until rejetted pilot from #50 to #52 and main from #145-#158 same amazing headlight, especially when running a 100w high beam
1990 Suzuki TS200 RM

Photos: 1
Purchased: Nov 1992
Sold: May 1998
Info: Very, very strong motor on upper powerband Excellent gearbox - Overdriven 5th, 6th gear. Standard gearing pulled 100km/hr at 5,500rpm, 120km/hr at 6,500rpm - redlined at 9,000rpm and would reach it in top 2 stage exhaust valves allowed a broad powerband but needed a lot of maintenance. Suspension and therefore handling was always a little vague - had a pushy front end. Seat was very hard with
1996 Suzuki RMX 250

Photos: 1
Purchased: Apr 1997
Sold: Jun 1998
Info: Strong bottom end on motor, had an RM head gasket increasing compression. Top end was flat, but didnt need it with such a good bottom and midrange. Suspension had been tweaked by ballards and was excellent. Handling was very sharp - bike always seemed to be under you, no matter what you did. 5 speed box was short and a little notchy, but power shifted well with a little clutch
1975 Suzuki TM 400

Photos: 1
Purchased: May 1975
Info: My uncle purchased this bike to race in N/W NSW Australia in the year I was born. The bike pictured has done roughly 15-20 hours of work. The engine was rebuilt after a seizure and has only done about 10 hours - Ive probably racked up 5 of thise 10. Undoubtedly the roughest ride in so many ways. Suspension was cosmetic only. Footpegs did not have springs holding them in place. NOt sure if this wa

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