kisaranmotorworks's 2002 Kawasaki KR 150
Info: a few events before this machine ends because crashed-out "versus" a silly pregnant woman (who finally her un-borned baby died in that accident). the guy (Adi Muklas) whose posing with this ...
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Info: anybody knows this machine call it "shark-fin ninja" called shark fin bcoz the cutting-motive at the main-frame (to reduce weight) looks like shark fin & "ninja" bcoz this bike cal...
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Info: frontpage of our motorwork..
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Info: on an indonesian event called "KEMON 2" (presented by OTOMOTIF group)
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Info: Ninja Hiu ("shark-fin" KR150) with our head-mechanic, Adi.
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Info: some people of our motorwork.. (Adi <with hat> - Arai <sunglassed> - Akai <confuse face, haha>
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Info: on indonesian drag-bike event called "KEMON 1" (presented by OTOMOTIF group)
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Info: our mechanical experto.. Adi (tuning the machine), Iwan KLET (wearpacked, on the bike), and Arai (Long haired)
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