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Member: kjwildman
Name: Scott R. Ganley
From: Alpharetta, Atlanta, Ga., United States
Gender: Male
Age: 58 years old
Riding For: 41 years
Member Info: Riding Name, KJWildman
1986 Yamaha Virago XV700

Photos: 6
Purchased: Sep 2005
Info: 1986 Yamaha XV700S Virago ------- "VADER" ------- Bought her after surviving my first heart attack, and accompaning heart surgery. (The doctor told me to relax and releave stress! What better way?) After my 2nd heart attack, the Dr. told me on the day I was released not to drive for 2 weeks. so I didn''t, I went home that afternoon and rode "Vader" for a couple hours! (Gotta
1985 Suzuki GS 300

Photos: 5
Purchased: Oct 2003
Info: 1985 Suzuki GS300LF ------- "SUZIE" ------- This one rekindled my love affair with bikes, after 14 years without one. Sold her to my son in Sept. 1985 when I bought the Virago, as his first bike. Bought her back from him a year later, after he bought an 1983 Suzuki GS850G. He laid her down hard while he had her, but I put her back together again, as you can see.
1988 Suzuki GN 250

Photos: 3
Purchased: Apr 2006
Info: 1988 Suzuki GN250J ------- "Lil Red" ------- My "daily driver"! Can''t beat her for commuting!
1974 Honda CB 750

Photos: 6
Purchased: Jun 2007
Info: 1974 Honda CB750K4 ------- "GRAMPA" ------- Purchased for my youngest son to ride, but it''s to darn fast for a beginner! Turning it into a show bike.
1978 Honda CB 400

Photos: 5
Purchased: Sep 2007
Info: 1978 Honda CB400A Hondamatic ------- "ROSEBUD" ------- Purchased for my wife, so she can ride with me.
1982 Honda CM 450

Photos: 2
Purchased: Aug 2008
Info: 1982 Honda CM450C "Blue Boy" Bought for my youngest son to replace the CB750 I had bought him. Will be undergoing a full restoration!
1988 Kawasaki CSR 305

Photos: 1
Purchased: Aug 2009
Info: 1988 Kawasaki KZ305LTD-B3 "The Cow"
1978 Honda Cb750a Hondamatic

Photos: 0
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