kocuro's 2008 BMW F 800 S

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Purchased: May 2008
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Information: BMW F800ST I had for a test ride on 31/05/2008. Impressions: Smart looking bike and really a masterpiece in terms of engineering and build quality. Stable and easy to handle, engine feels smooth and is enough powerful. The sound lacks some deeper notes, feels a bit unpleasant, a rattle rather than growl. This could be superb touring bike with enough fun to enjoy you on the Sunday afternoon, if not... First, I''ve found legs too much cramped, like on sportsbike, and I''m afraid this may cause problems during long days in the saddle. Plastic tank means magnetic tankbag is useless. And these ridiculous indicators! Few words of explanation: I''ve heard about this many times but I didn''t understand what''s the problem until now. Believe me, it IS uncomfortable and unergonomic and in certain situations may be even dangerous! Why? It breaks the golden rule: right hand for throttle and brake, left hand for everything else. Note that on typical motorcycle on right handlebar you have switches which are used on the beginning and the end of the ride only. Start/stop the engine, turn on the lights - that''s all. On this bike you have right indicator (well, possibly you can live without it) and even more important the "cancel" switch, which you simply can''t avoid. I''ve found it very difficult to control the throttle while operating these switches. Almost impossible when you have to control precisely your lean angle in the bend!

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