kptltkilra's 1994 Suzuki GSX 600
Info: But at second sight, the hole body had many tears and the frame which include the light and the instruments was brocken so i had to replace it. But once, i had strapped the body, the frame, the fork a...
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Info: I was on tour at a beautiful November afternoon but in a turn there was some water on the street and my rear tire lost grip so the bike started skidding and it threw me off right into a small stream. ...
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Info: Hum, my first bike pictured in august '01. I was very proud of it. She has bout 86 HP and a Laser Sport Exhaust System. For a Newb like me enough as u can see in the accident pictures...
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Info: Woahh nicest back (of a bike) you will ever see...

Well i guess i m a little bit to proud of it but she's really nice in that blue as u can see on the other picture!
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Info: This is me after a Burn out on my old GSX 600. I guess this is neccecary before changing the rear tire :-)
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Info: Whoa the best looking bike ever...
Not ever but after the paint job it looks great, maybe the best looking GSX on the whole world...
At least its unique and MINE!!
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Info: Well a kind of Situation nobody wants to be...
Just beeing catched riding my Suzuki a "little" bit to fast...
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Info: Well these are the adjustment discs and the brocken peaces of the tiltlevers.
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Info: Well a close View on two Valves and on a part of the camshaft. Easy to see that a part of the tiltlever is broken.
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Info: Close view on the camshafts with the 2 brocken valve levers..
This caused 3 days full of work for me...
I had to change the whole engine.
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Information: Well this is my Darling a ''94 SUZUKI GSX 600F It is my first Bike and after a Crash in november ''01 i restored it and now she''s a real beauty ... i guess!

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