krummel's 1996 Aprilia RS 250

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Information: This is the 1996 Aprilia RS250. Where do I start? This bike is plain and simple ROCKIN ! It smokes bikes 2 and 3 times her size and makes those 18 year old R1/CBR/GSXR riders look like sh#t. ( that puts a smile on my face) Getting a RS250 is rare. You need to really scope out Ebay and other cycle selling websites. Once acquired, you will begin a life moving experience. All that talk that big CC machines are the fastest will be quickly erased after you throw your leg over this baby. What’s the difference between the 4 stroke Japanese pig bikes and this 2 stroke 250CC bike? Too much to list my friends. For one, this bike is a screamer- pulling away from most of the competition. Remember- this is not a drag bike so straight always the little Aprilia won’t hang. Get those big pig bore bikes in the twisties and you’ll embarrass the crap out of all of them. Riding the Aprilia is even more of a sport than the Ducati. You need to keep those revs high or she won’t even think about smoking the competition. With a 295 pound weight and 60HP engine this Aprilia is positively the best handling bike on the planet. Try proving me wrong. Ohh one more thing, this bike is straight from Italia and getting her registered take a bit of $$$ to grease those gears.

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