laddie's 1975 Can-am TNT 175
Info: out in a little town called Komoka
large abandoned gravel pit where about a dozen maniacs used to play hare and hounds

nice area for practising jumps - back then nobody used landing ramps
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Info: yup , the old frog pond, just throw on the barbour jacket and go ridin

thats my 1969 Z28 parked in the background
this is march 1975 south London- they built some townhouses on this swampy bog
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Info: heres an interesting effect, I'm in loose sandy gravel going about 40mph, just throw it into a spin and get the handlebar down around your outstretched ankle and see it you can catch your own spray of...
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Info: well heres what is supposed to be a picture of me jumping my old chevy pickup truck complete with topper. unfortunately my pal damaged his brothers nikon camera after I almost landed on him while prac...
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Info: more of the field with the frog pond.
this thing used to rooster tail as high as telephone wires, then rail mud all over me just stock with the trials tire
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Info: who says you cant ride in the winter

brand new canam bike,
brand new snow fall,
brand new wheelie,
brand new broken rear light assembly,

if you look real hard the neighbour is hang...
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Photos: 7
Purchased: Feb 1975
Sold: n/a
Information: bought it in the crate what a bike, it would run in the water up to the seat continuously it could hill climb like no other - seemed to glide up on power and hi rpm good at slow speeds too

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