Simon's Member Page
Member: landrider
Name: Simon
From: South Africa
Gender: Male
Age: 36 years old
Riding For: 23 years
Member Info: This is a joint membership, my friend and I have been taking any bike we could get hold of into the bush for bushriding since we were 14. Some of them were street bikes so we modified them, and broke them. Unfortunately we dont have pictures of some of them.
1980 Honda XL 185

Photos: 1
1984 Honda XL 200

Photos: 4
Info: I bought this bike from its original owner and it was in beautiful condition for being almost 20 yrs old. I used it every day so it started wearing in places it had never worn before (first time paint started wearing off engine sidecover and frame from foot friction) Still had the original seat cover. I used it on a few long distance trips that Im sure that little motor was not designed for, but i
1981 Honda XL 125

Photos: 8
Info: This was my first bike, I bought it as a non-runner from a farmer so it needed a complete rebuild from the bare frame. I used it for about 3 years before upgrading to the XL200R - more power but more importantly pro-link suspension. Those twin rear shocks on a XL125/185 are deadly off road when the back wheel hits something big at speed, especially if the shocks stopped damping years ago.
1981 Kawasaki KE 125

Photos: 2
Info: This was my fathers bike back in the eighties
1981 Yamaha DT 250

Photos: 4
2006 Suzuki AX 100

Photos: 2
Info: Temporary wheels while I saved up for a better bike. After fixing it up and using it for over a year I sold it for almost double what I paid for it.
1994 Yamaha DT 200

Photos: 7
Sold: Feb 2014
1980 Honda Express

Photos: 1
Info: This was my friends first bike, when we were about 14, we got it for almost nothing and started riding it in the bush immediately. It is actually a Honda Roadpal, the forerunner to the Express. It was quite original when we got it. Very soon we started removing unwanted accessories that got in the way or broke off and started modifying or strengthening structural parts that broke. By the end of it
1993 Yamaha WR 250

Photos: 2
1997 Honda XR 400

Photos: 1
1981 Honda CD 200

Photos: 6
Info: This was my friends fathers bike which we used for many adventures. These photos are of a long trip into the mountains where we carried everything we needed for 3 days. We did the trip with the CD200 and XL125. The CD200 performed very well considering it is not designed for this type of riding. The low slung exhausts were the main problem. Once up in the mountains we left the mountain pass dirt r
1985 Honda XR 500

Photos: 2
Info: This was an XR500RE having the RFVC 4 valve 500cc motor.
1984 Yamaha YZ 125

Photos: 1
1986 Honda CR 250

Photos: 3
1988 Yamaha DT 50

Photos: 1

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