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Member: lblc
Name: Lowey
From: Michael, Bedfordshire Bucks, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Riding For: 33 years
Member Info: I became nostalgic around 2003 after returning to Europe and doing away with modern bikes. I started collecting small bikes that I or my mates owned back in the 1980s, which was a pretty cool and fast evolving era. Some of my bikes have gone up in value, so its nice not to suffer heavy depreciation for a change :) and many of these bikes turn more heads!
1988 Suzuki TS 125

Photos: 1
Purchased: Nov 2004
Info: Another low mileage import I picked up on my travels for my collection, and in stunning condition. In the UK these bikes were usually wrecked within a year! This was going to be my first 125 when I was 17 but got a ride on an RD125LC and bought one of those instead, no regrets :)
1985 Suzuki TS 250

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 1990
Info: Also known as the RH250, somes similar to RM250. This is the Exhaust Valve version, Suspension a bit weak off road, Stan Stephens Stage 3 Tune makes them fly. I used this bike in the Trail Bike Enduro events in the UK in late 1980s early 90s as per my pictures on here. This Bike eventually underwent a full restore but got stolen and recovered, currently looking for the missing/damaged parts, ve
1983 Yamaha RD 250

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jan 2005
Sold: Apr 2010
Info: I imported this RD 250 LC type 4L1, its totally original but now in Kenny Roberts Yellow and Black stripes. Now Sold, in its yellow colours along with its original tool kit and handbook.
1984 Honda MTX 50

Photos: 0
Info: Another great find, only 7,000 Kms from new. In red just like the one I owned in 1983-1984.
1983 Yamaha RD 125

Photos: 1
Purchased: Feb 2005
Info: This example is in better original condition today than any I remember them in the 1980s, they got wrecked very quickly. An amazing find. We had a little LC crew going on, my mate had the Blue one, I rode it back from London in January 1985 before he turned 17, have good memories from those days................. The RD125LC was voted the best 125 of all time by a UK bike magazine. #Now for sa
1987 Yamaha RD 125

Photos: 0
Info: I have 2 YPVS RD125LCs, the later ones with Gold wheels. Mine have consecutive frame numbers which I thought was a great novelty and unique find. A pair of twins that rolled off the production line together in Iwata Japan sometime in 1986. They were both Black with red stripes but are undergoing strip downs for cleaning and will have new White bodywork for one of them.
1982 Yamaha RD 125

Photos: 6
Info: This lovely original example will be for sale in spring 2013.
1984 Yamaha RD 125

Photos: 1
Purchased: Sep 2004
Sold: Apr 2009
Info: 2004, 20 years later my fourth 125LC.....the same age as my first and in White again. Completely rebuilt to immaculately clean but leaving original factory paint except exhaust pipe. Sold to collector in Ireland as I ran out of space and had found a lower mileage one, the Candy Blue one above.
1983 Honda MBX 125 F

Photos: 1
Purchased: Apr 2005
Sold: May 2008
Info: Had this in my collection recently. Low mileage and very original import. Retro cool today. Didn''t need to sell it but was running out of space so sold in UK to collector but then got sold on again shortly after :(
1980 Yamaha DT 250

Photos: 1
Purchased: Oct 2004
Sold: May 2008
Info: Found in a Barn in Belgium with very low mileage on the clock, very original and complete. Sold to collector in UK who said he would restore it, but put her on ebay not long after turning a profit :( ....ha..why didn''t I think of that.
1979 Suzuki A 100

Photos: 0
Purchased: May 1983
Sold: Mar 1984
Info: My first Bike. Bought (yes bought!) from one of our school teachers for only £70, was in very good condition bargain. We used it on a long straight dirt track up in Woburn Sands woods but didn''t bend it too much, traded it later with a mate along with my YZ for a young MTX-50.
1980 Yamaha YZ 125

Photos: 0
Info: Awesome when you´re only 16! Got this cheap from Ron Humphreys Motocross under the old canal bridge in LB. Didn''t know anybody into motocross, so I used to take it up Woburn Sands woods circa 1983 carving tracks into the hills, an area which is now famous with mountain bikers and BMXers!
1980 Honda MB5

Photos: 0
Purchased: Sep 1983
Sold: Mar 1984
Info: My first legal bike, Motor Cycle Mechanics magazine did an article on tuning it, head skim - porting - de restrict exhaust made it quicker than my mates Fizzy.
1983 Honda MTX 50

Photos: 0
Purchased: Mar 1984
Sold: Sep 1984
Info: Great little Trail Bike, had a 65cc Big Bore kit and oversized MT-17 Enduro tyres, Stinger tail pipe, Baja grips etc. Just found out the Germans used 80-110cc big bore kits ! I was a novice tuner and eventually seized it up.
1984 Suzuki RG 250

Photos: 1
Purchased: Nov 1985
Info: for sale at Wheels International and I fell in love with its styling. Looking back I regret not staying on my RD125LC for longer with the lads , but needed to impress the girls! This bike was State of the Art when it was released. I still love the looks now, but can''t find one for my collection.
1984 Honda MTX 200

Photos: 1
Purchased: Aug 1985
Info: Only had a short amount of fun on this bike, I originally traded it with a mate for my RG when I was too lazy to service the Suzuki. I then went on to sell to another friend who needed a new bike, then we converted it to a 125 later for another. I''m going to buy one for my collection asap, at the moment I have the 125 version with ATAC system.
1985 Kawasaki GPZ 750

Photos: 1
Purchased: Apr 1987
Info: Can''t believe I was riding this when I was still a teenager only just. My mate wrote it off and I repaired it and used it for a while. It was a bit too big and heavy for me. I remember a race with a Porsche 928. I think these and the 900 version will become very collectible. The styling is very memorable and has remained unique all this time. I think modern bikes all look the same, maybe I''m just
1981 Honda MB 80

Photos: 1
Purchased: Aug 2005
Sold: Aug 2008
Info: Garage find, 1 owner from new, 3,000 KM, Red, sold to another collector in UK.

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