lorenzo's 2002 Suzuki SV 650s
Info: I was a little concerned that the pipe and fairing
wouldn’t fit because the TwoBros full system is
shaped different. It fits fine! Pipe was purchased from riderhaus.com and takes roughly 4 weeks to ...
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Info: The lower fairing looks fantastic and is easy to install. Unforunately, the old exhaust system was removed and this also removed the rear mounting bracket. I will come up with something to fix it!
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Info: No other modifications have been done to the front yet. The suspension is next when I have money! Lower Fairing $375, Seat Cowl $185, Two Bros Pipe $801, Dyno $250, Re-jet kit $120! Expensive hobby......
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Info: TwoBros pipe has a deep sound, just wicked! The fender killer kit is needed; soon!. The bike runs extremely well and is pushing about 68 horses at the rear tire. The most it can pull without major eng...
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Info: Hi, My name is Lorenzo and your looking at my new sv650s. This bike has had several modifications completed over the past few months. The below photos will give a little information about what exactly...
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Information: 2002 SV650S - Compact 645 cc, 90o liquid-cooled V-twin, Contact Lorenzo by E-mail: [email protected]

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