lykissas's 1990 Yamaha FZR 1000
Info: With blacktop such as the one in Corfu (and most of the other Grefk islands), this is the only solution to start with proper acceleration. Sorry if I disturbed any grammas... Another Michelin Pilot Sp...
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Info: 3... 2.... 1.... *&^%&^%*!$!@#%@#^$!!!!!!! The engine screams, the tyre melts, the unsaspected police officer aprroaches but... too late!!! :-)
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Info: 1st gear at red with the EXUP. Panikattack! I love those Japaneese!!!! Notice the line that the tyre leaves behind....
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Info: Bikers are full of romantisism!!! And this picture presents and reminds beatiful days on new years eve from an extraordinary island in Greece on a so powerful bike. Heaven...
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Info: Getting ready to flash among the poor cars. Just after 1 coffee and 1 Metaxa... Imagine what is going to follow!
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Info: Another lunatic, my friend with the Kawa tries to prove me that his bike is stronger! I disagree..
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Info: My crazy company and our "girls" at Corfu...
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Information: 1990 pure YAMAHA power, with hi-pressure brake leads and an ARROW carbon-fibre exhaust. I feel it is more than enough for me..

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