macgyver's 1995 Honda CBR 600
Info: Most recent photo, out at Saguaro lake while waiting for my boat to come in...
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Info: Chicks dig the bike! I dig the chicks! haha
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Info: I used a power antenna from a car to make my plate tuck under the bike when I flip a switch.  Flip it again & it lowers.  No more Photo Radar Issues!
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Info: My friend Ben & I went for a ride to the lake.  It was a gorgeous Arizona day, just had to go for a ride.
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Info: Another photo just a few days after I bought her.  I got harassed from friends immediately because she was so damn quiet... Needless to say, like my women, I needed a screamer! haha
I got the TwoBros...
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Info: Just a few days after I got the Two Brothers exhaust & Jet Kit installed.
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Info: Remote control License Plate Retractor... Screw Photo Radar!!!  Visit
For more infomation on this idea...
or e-mail me @
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Information: She''s a 1995 Honda CBR600 F3... I always wanted one since I saw Keifer Southerland on a red F2 in some movie a long time ago. I had a FZR 400 & totaled it while racing on some windy roads with about 20 other bikers. Luckly there were some guys with their girlfriends that were more than happy to patch me up. (I keep a first aid kit on the bike) Anyhow, I got driven home (an hour away) on the back of an F3. I bled all over the poor guys bike but totally had to have one. I went into the Honda dealer with bandages all over me & said I have a thousand that I just got for the remains of my last bike... Hook me up! He did & now I drive my dream bike. She''s 6 years old now but still looks mint, not a scratch.

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