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Member: manwhoneedsgasgas300
Name: Brad Oakes
From: upbighill, Peachland, BC, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 25 years old
Riding For: 12 years
Member Info: I finaly got a bike that rips!!, my very own KTM 450 EXC!!!, and i only owe about 3000.........
1992 Polaris Trail Boss 350

Photos: 18
Purchased: Feb 2003
Info: a good old polais 350 2-stroke trail boss that i play on, its got brand new paddle tires and brand new front hubs and a arms with electic start and a pvt trannsmision.
2000 Polaris RMK 700

Photos: 4
Purchased: Dec 2004
Info: its in mint cond. and i got it for $3700, but since i got a new new sled i gave it to my mom!!, yes i know im the best son ever!!, (this is actualy a 1999, i just didnt want to put it under the same catigory as my other one) this sled is for sale 3500 obo.
2003 Polaris RMK 700

Photos: 9
Purchased: Dec 2006
Info: THIS IS LAWRENCES NEW 700 ITS THE NICEST WEVE GOT AND ITS GOT TONS OF POWER IT OWNS!!, he bought it for like $11,000.00, then we found another 2003 700 and its identical to this one, they were two sleds diffrent 0ff the assenbaly line, so im gunna put both sleds under the same catigory because u cant tell them apart.
1983 Honda XR 200

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 2004
Info: this is my old bike, good old reliable 4 stroke thats been to hell and back, donno how much i got it for it just kinda showed up last year, lol
1999 Polaris RMK 700

Photos: 16
Purchased: Jan 2006
Info: This is my new sled, its got high performance piston kit, cranke shaft, with slp power dome heads. it totaly owns!@!, its a 700 that thinks its a 800!! i bought it for 3500, this is my sled i will never sell it! its also got a 151 camoplast mountain track on it. with a 6 inch riser block.
2006 KTM 450 EXC

Photos: 2
Purchased: Aug 2007
Info: 2006 KTM, man this thing rips!!, renthal sprokets, acerbis drop handguards, skid plate rad guards, anodized chain guard, orange renthal fat bars, and just all the littlw things to make it perfect.
2004 Honda CRF 230

Photos: 12
Purchased: Sep 2004
Sold: Mar 2006
Info: great bike got 400 dollers in suspension upgrades.lots of upgrades, not for sale $3500 (CAD doller) 1(250)767-9353
1989 Polaris Indy 500

Photos: 8
Purchased: Oct 2000
Sold: Nov 2006
Info: This is my old sled its the sled o its decade, it still owns anysled in the 80s we bought it for $1500
1991 Polaris XLT 600

Photos: 0
Purchased: Nov 1991
Info: this is lawrences big old beast its a tripple!!, hese had it forever.
2006 Suzuki DRZ 400

Photos: 15
Purchased: Apr 2006
Sold: Aug 2007
Info: Brand new drz400s 7999.99, i put on skid plate, rad guards, case guards, jet kit, pipe(well stock i just butchered it) got rid of those stupid enduro tires.put on a new top tripple clamp, so i can put on fatbars and adjust the height. renthal fat bars, acerbis hand guards, all black plastic with acerbis LED brake light.
1920 Boss Hoss 502

Photos: 7
Purchased: Apr 1992
Sold: Mar 2007
Info: This is the most beefy lawnmower ever!, ive rolled it more than rollie polly olie has rolled.....
2003 Polaris RMK 600

Photos: 1
Info: This is dannys sled its got all the extras like reverse and e-start, with alot of mods.
1984 Honda XR 200

Photos: 0
Purchased: Sep 2005
Info: this is dylans bike its been abused but still runs fine, we sold it to him for $900
2003 Polaris RMK 800

Photos: 3
Info: Johns sled, big, powefull, what else do you want, lol
2004 Ski Doo Summit ZX 800

Photos: 1
Info: this is marks sled, has alot of power but not a easy-goin sled.
1986 Honda XR 200

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 2004
Info: this is martins bike he bought it in mint cond. but its been martin-ized and well lets just say its WELL used.
2001 Yamaha TTR-125l

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jun 2006
Info: an old beat up ttr125L, all stock, my moms dirtbike.
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martin trying to climb a hill in the snow. so close but yet so far.
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