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Member: marcspics
Name: Marc Harvey
From: la Baie, Quebec, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years old
Riding For: 18 years
Member Info: Hmmm.. I started riding with a 1982 Z50 honda, than i had a DS80 suzuki, after i bought 3 years later a honda ATC 125M. ( It was hell, i paid it 25 dollars half and half with my cousin Maxime Gagnon. This 3 wheeler was destructed by yan torreson before me and i bought it while it was destroyed, i spent 400$ on it and i sold it 350$) Than i bought a honda CR80. Now i have YTM 200E.
1985 Yamaha YTM 200

Photos: 6
Purchased: Jul 2004
Info: I bought it and i was brand new! Unfortunately i broke my front wing and my left brake handle. I still have it and i´m having alot of fun with it.
1982 Honda Z 50

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jun 1998
Sold: Jul 2000
Info: I was proud when i stood up on this motorcycle. I was only allowed to the third speed at my 9 years old. I was using it with joggings pants and shoes without socks, With a white, open face helmet. Unfortunately i don´t have any picture of it!
2000 Suzuki DS 80

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jul 2000
Sold: Aug 2003
Info: Oh My God... what can i say about this FAMOUS DS 80. At the first year i bought it, it was alright! but the second year i used it, i was always geting on the *neutral* between the 2nd and 1st speed! I bought it for 2000$ canadian and sold it 3 years after for 1000$.
2001 Honda CR 80

Photos: 0
Purchased: Dec 2002
Sold: Sep 2004
Info: I don´t have anything bad to say about this bike i owned for 2 years. But i will never forget the accident i had with the TRAIN. I have to say: never roll on the rails! I still have no picture of the one i owned.
1984 Honda ATC 125

Photos: 2
Purchased: Apr 2003
Sold: Aug 2004
Info: this is the first machine i really owned by myselft.. i mean that i totally paid by myself. 25 dollars i did pay it! A machine without any wings and pierced wheels. how many wrong neutrals did i get with this one? surely over 2 hundreds! I broke the transmission and repaired it with my father and my cousin. We worked about 20 hours on it. We did open the engine in 2 and had to open it twice.I had
2003 Yamaha Grizzly

Photos: 2
Purchased: Aug 2003
Info: It´s not my friend´s, but my father´s. It´s not very clean even if it´s only 1 year old on this picture. You can see that my father isn´t taking care of his machines!
1981 Honda XL 125

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jul 2002
Info: Itīs a mess, you can see that the exhaust is totally scrapped. But i can say hondaīs bikes are thougher or more tough ( whatever iīm not english born) cause itīs still alive after all he taked. Itīs still my fatherīs. I don´t know how many times I squeezed my nuts between the seat and the gas tank, and how many pant I did break with the front spocket, but It´s a great machine. Exept the
1986 Honda ATC 125

Photos: 1

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