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Member: mavrik237
Name: The Cowboy
From: Brookswood, Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years old
Riding For: 17 years
Member Info: I ride some modifieds: 1981 PE250 and a 1981 DR500 in 250 class Motocross, Arenacross and off roading, followed by a tuned up TM400 in S1 class Supermoto. Then I ride two near stockers: a 81 Honda CT70 in Mini moto and a 1980 Suzuki DS250(yeah, a DS. Not a TS or GS or DR) in Poker runs and Hardcross. Ive been riding the DS scince I was 11 and have been racing it since I was 13. Good news for all you amatuers. Ive Gone Pro. Bad news for Klatt, Roy and Morgan. Formerly Mavrik250. also Creator of a different Linkless Monoshock from the new KTMs Privateer Power!!
1981 Suzuki PE 250

Photos: 15
Purchased: Apr 2003
Info: I bought this bike as a non-running project. It had been bored 1.00 over and had a .50 over piston in it, resulting in low compression. It currently has a Weisco 1.5 over piston and the matched bore. It has also been ported and extensively modifed to run better. Too much power too quick for novices the way I set it up. I changed CDIs back to the PE (recurved, ofcourse.) and stuck a UFO Explorer he
1981 Suzuki DR 500

Photos: 0
Purchased: Apr 2005
Info: I picked this bike up as part of my now abandoned Walton GP projects. I will attempt to use it in the Pro MX1 of the 2006 Canadian motocross championships. It currently sports DR-Z400 forks and Linkage-less Monoshock setup (that was tough!). It also has a custom built Twister Exhaust system and double high Maverick Bars. Made an astounding 50 hp on a chassis dyno with a fully ported/polished head,
1981 Honda CT 70

Photos: 2
Info: My dad bought this for my sisters to learn how to ride on. I am currently talking him out of it to use as a 50 race bike bike.Lots of power with the mods, for a small bike that is. has a 110 big bore kit in it, and a BBR big valve head with cam. bad suspension, good brakes. turns on a dime
1975 Suzuki TM 400

Photos: 0
Info: This is my heavily modded TM400. It used to have a set of RM400 forks, the RM400 ignition, a pair of White Power shocks off a big KTM and my favorite touch, a RM400 pipe with a custom Maverick Silencer.Now it has 43mm RM465 forks, twin dual leading edge front drums, a rear dual leading edge drum, 17 Wheels and linkless monoshock. Goes like stink, with the 4000 RPM powerband switch still there (a
1980 Suzuki DS 250

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jan 1980
Info: As far as I know, this is the only all original DS250 in Canada. I cant find much information, other that its a one year only TS- off road only bike. If you have info on it, please send it to me. My uncle bought it new and handed it down to me when I was 14, legal canadian 250 racing age. I now share it with my cousin, who rides it like I ride my PE. It sports my own custom bars now. VERY LOW SE
1984 Suzuki RM 500

Photos: 0
Purchased: Jan 2007
Info: Well. It''s a torquey Monster with the five speed via the 81 465. The rear suspension is the Full Floater, and it does work as well as they say. Matched to it is a set of 95 CR500R forks. It slides a little when you push it, and unfortunately, it kinda torques like the DR450. Which means I need to raise the transfers a tad. or .050.
1984 Husqvarna CR500

Photos: 1
Purchased: Aug 2007
Info: It''s a 500XC, but that''s not on the list. Has raised transfers, re-balanced moto-plat ignition, higher bars, Trelleborgs front and rear, KYB 43mm non-cartridge type forks, rebuilt and revalved Ohlins shocks, 40mm Mikuni, Boyesen reeds, new Fastaway pegs, Sidewinder sprockets, CZ (yes, a CZ) O-ring chain, and a rebuilt seat. Goes much too fast! next mod: street legality?
1995 Suzuki T 500

Photos: 0
Info: This was my street bike. It is a completely custom job. The motor is in fact, a 1975 Suzuki T500 two stroke twin, breathing through twin Mikuni TMX38 carbs and FMF Yamaha Banshee pipes, capped with FMF Powercore 2 Spark Arresters for a KDX220. The frame is a 1995 GSX-R400 SPII model rolling on stock brakes and tires, but with Marzocchi 50mm R.A.C. Forks on the front, and a GSX-R1100 shock in the b
1990 Yamaha YZ 80

Photos: 0
Info: I bought this bike as my first race bike, for $200 with a blown motor. It was fried beyond repair, so I found another YZ80 motor, from an 81 model, and bolted that in. I removed the rads, swapped the forks and clamps for 2000 YZ85 equipment, and procceded to pound out race finishes until I won a Supermini overall, then some 80cc 13-16 races at the local level, then I sold it to a kid, who blew the
1991 Honda CR 125

Photos: 0
Info: I bought this miracle peice after my YZ80 got far too small. I got this one for a mere $800 running, but had a small snafu at my first practice session on it, and seized the engine. Yes, I was runing the correct Oil:Gas mixture and the right coolant. I guess when I whipped it, the oil poured into the pipe and starved the motor. Anyway, I had a friend bring a peaky 88 RM125 motor from my shifter ca
1980 Kawasaki KX 80

Photos: 0
Info: I bought this peaky little monster after I ruptured my spleen on my CR125. I raced it in Supermini only, as it had been bored and worked over to the point of rivaling the newer KX100s, which it shared the front suspension with (1998 KX100 forks and tris). The rear shocks (yes, shocks. there were two) were jacked off a 79 RM125, for the full 8.6 inches of travel and the hardness needed to keep a 15
1979 Suzuki TS 250

Photos: 0
Info: I bought this bike stock for a paltry $100. It really only shared the engine with a TS250 when I was done, and even that was so far removed from the stock bikes that I was hesitant to call it a TS, so its really a TM. I ported and polished the barrel, added a higher compression head and piston, replaced the crank with a trued 1982 RM250 version, added a Mikuni VM34 carb, and a 1977 PE250 pipe to
1984 Yamaha XT 200

Photos: 1
Info: my oldest riding bros bike "I rebuilt the entire bike from the ground up. All new wiring, and paint job. Bought the bike for $750, what a rip! and was in running condition. In the end it cost me about $1500 canadian. I bought all new gaskets, o-rings, seals, oil cap, CDI (this was stupid I didnt need it the neutral light wasnt attached, remeber to attach all wires on you´re bike) new r
1984 Yamaha IT 200

Photos: 1
Info: my bro with the XTs new bike "I picked this bike up for $800 with just over 1000km on it. Totally mint, vintage trail bike." It´s faster than an F150 and a Dodge Caravan
1978 Suzuki TS 125

Photos: 1
Info: XTs again. "I got this bike for free from my sisters freind, it was sitting out side since 1981, so about 24 years. It is a good fixxer upper and i am working on it every chance I get. The bike was boared out to 7 over so when i heard that it was a even bigger bonus. We were shocked to find that the day we got it, it turned over, we were very suprised but there was no spark. We later found o
1984 Yamaha XT 250

Photos: 1
Info: XT´s dad´s bike "This bike is good just bought it no problems runs like new. It only has 4600 KM on it. I replaced the valve cover gasket because it had a little leak, I replaced all the bearings, took off the turn signals, and rear tail light. I also bought a new mud rear tire"
2005 Honda CRF 250X

Photos: 1
Info: One of my uncles old bikes. He had a big bore kit, Yoshimura Titanuim head pipe and a Hot Cams cam installed with Zero hours on the stock motor. This bike is amazingly easy to ride. too bad he sold it
2002 Yamaha TTR 125

Photos: 2
Info: My newer riding buddys first bike. He sold it and now has a 2002 WR250F
2002 Yamaha WR 250F

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jan 2006
Info: My bros newer bike. He traded up from his TTR125. Has a FMF can, and I rejetted his carb for it. Next up: a Boyesen Powershot
2006 Honda CRF 250

Photos: 0
Info: Man, my uncle Swede has wicked taste! The new twin can CRF was swapped into his stable, and is already at nationals level. I have jumped this bike over anything I can find, and the only problem is when I come off my tabletop in my practice area, it bogs then picks up and overrevs. weird.
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Repost of the Original Davis Lake Mix Of Mavrik250, reposted for enjoyment. Larger jumps measured in at 35-40 feet, depending on how far I over jumped. Smaller were 5 feet max. Fox airs on the smalls,...
Bike: 1981 Suzuki PE 250
Length: 27 seconds
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