mavrik237's 1979 Suzuki TS 250
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Information: I bought this bike stock for a paltry $100. It really only shared the engine with a TS250 when I was done, and even that was so far removed from the stock bikes that I was hesitant to call it a TS, so its really a TM. I ported and polished the barrel, added a higher compression head and piston, replaced the crank with a trued 1982 RM250 version, added a Mikuni VM34 carb, and a 1977 PE250 pipe to let the gases out. The frame recieved a pair of Cartridge 1997 RM250 forks, and super stiff RM400 Fox Air Shox at first, then Progressive brand shocks. The tank was replaced with a RM400 baja tank, while both ends got discs. To fit the numbers, I used a pair of one-off tin number plates, modeled after the early water cooled RMs. This bike was the only one that Ive ever destroyed, in a cartwheel that left me with a broken collar bone and a compression fracture in my neck. I was lucky enough to walk away, after a visit to the hospital, but the bike had caught fire, and the frame was mashed. I kept the runnin gear, and sent the bare frame for scrap. The complete engine is sitting in the top of my shop at home, awaiting a new frame and a new life. Im currently converting a stock early TM250 frame to my linkless monoshock for the motor. Makes an astounding 49 HP @ 9000 RPM with the new RMX250 pipe. this bike, Along with my CR125, is the whole reason for linkless mono. This bike kicked like a mule over any bump.

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