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Member: mclcc
Name: Max Mitchell
From: RR2 WIARTON,ON, Canada
Homepage: http:[email protected]
Member Info: Retired teacher,woodworker,fisherman,student of srirituality,married with 3 sons,motorcyclist.
1962 BSA B50 MX

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Info: My 650 cc BSA was like this one.I loved it because it was my first. I paid $400..3 years old.It was not reliable..not for a twenty year old who wanted to ride and travel and give little thought to daily/hourly maintenance..blew a tire in Michigan,brake cable snapped in Wisconsin,spokes got loose in Wyoming,wheel studs loose in Oregon,valve job in California,magneto problems in Indiana,engine trou
1978 Yamaha XS 650

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Info: This old girl gave me no trouble in over 45000 miles. .it''s probably still going down the road.I bought it from Jim Fisher,owner of CYCLE CITY in Burlington, Ontario. Compared to my FZ750 and new FZ1 it was not so stable above 90 mph.
1986 Yamaha FZ 750

Photos: 2
Info: This bike can go..only bike I''ve had up to 150 mph. .still stable and pawing to go faster.Eddie Lawson won Daytona in ''86 0n FZ750..First evening on the 403 freeway a pretty lady passed me in her sports car.In a matter of seconds I passed her to get a better look and realized I had been going 220 km/hr--about138 mph.
2001 Yamaha FZ 1

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Info: When I get a digital camera or scanner I''ll show my Black Beauty..along with my stunning wife ,Cathy and my gorgeous Doberman,Ginger..and our 3 cats no doubt.If you''re buying a new bike to feel like SUPERMAN on wheels,..go for the FZ1, fly with power and grace.
1950 Harley Davidson FLHR

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Info: This bike is really a 1942 Harley just like the faded version I rode on dirt roads and across grassy fields in 1957 in Spanish,Ontario.My cousin,Armand owned it..and I borrowed it a lot.It had 3 gears with shifter on left side of gas tank.The clutch pedal required your left foot. It was not fast and it shook a lot.
1972 Suzuki GSX 750

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Info: These 2 bikes are in fact SUZUKI GT 750,with 3 cylinders,water-cooled 2 stroke engines.They are called water buffalos in Canada and the U.S.A.They are smooth and peppy up to about 105 mph.My gold bike got excellent mileage and gave me no problems except a plug would foul about every 1200 miles.My 1972 model had weak drum brakes up front.The stock chain stretched like rubber. Sold bike at 38,000 mi
1986 Yamaha Venture

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