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Name: menyo
From: Spain
Gender: Male
Riding For: 38 years
2000 BMW K 1200 RS

Photos: 8
Purchased: May 2005
Info: Not very usual the anthracite colour for this model. Elegant and mighty, this is the best bike I''ve owned so far. Well, it has cons too (driving pos., weight, picky about tires and 95 gas, etc.), but as a whole I think it''s the most balanced. Bought it 2nd hand with 35.000 kms, I''ve made 40.000 kms so far (totalling 75.000 is just "half-life" for this engine), and expecting many more!
1987 Yamaha XT 350

Photos: 4
Purchased: May 2007
Info: I couldn''t resist buying this really mint condition bike (for a fair price) with less than 15.000 kms. Boy, you get to get used to the kick-start ;) It''s a versatile workhorse for dirt and local roads, and -in some sense- a classic!
1993 BMW K 1100 RS

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jan 2004
Sold: Apr 2006
Info: Bought 2nd hand and made 50.000km on her saddle. Some troubles with thermostate, starter, oil leaking, and detonation due to a cracked manifold. So, a new (and xpnsv) exhaust plus some deep revisions. And man: the bike really vibrates! Anyway, I loved its driving poise, the roomy cases, its pwr plant and the classic K design. And it was even better with pillion... but not for torrid summers!
1990 Honda NTV 650 (Revere)

Photos: 3
Purchased: Oct 2003
Sold: Jun 2005
Info: Originally owned by my brother, who bought it from a grandpa that kept it under a dust cover in an obscure garage. Comfy, easy to care (cardan invention is worth a Nobel Prize!), not much power, but a delight in traffic jams going low revs. IMHO Honda V twins are nearly perfect engines.
2004 Gilera Nexus 500

Photos: 3
Purchased: Apr 2006
Sold: May 2008
Info: Powerful but weird, it''s a scooter that thinks it''s a sportbike. Italian design -in this case- tricks the eye. A bit abrupt in dense traffic, it flies in open highway maybe too much for those small tires and the steep saddle. Anyway, not bad for commuting and plenty of useful details. I installed heated grips, and made more than 20.000 kms with her in all weather conditions.
1999 Yamaha FZS 600 FAZER

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jul 1999
Sold: Jun 2003
Info: An adrenaline whinning grinder, this motorcycle was a decaf R6 version... yielding 95+ HP nonetheless. A bit of a macho bike, always craving for war. I ended selling it after I felt I was touching with the footpegs more than necessary... and the rear tire going off like eraser rubber. I did 35.000+ km with her.
1991 Honda XL 600V Transalp

Photos: 8
Purchased: Jun 1991
Sold: Jun 1997
Info: My first brand new bike. I barely touched the ground with my feet, but I loved its V twin sound and punch and the driving position. Maybe too heavy for dirt road, which I learned painfully... Many kms. and many travels, alone or duo, asphalt or dust, this bike was a dream come true.
1983 Yamaha XS 400

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jun 1987
Sold: Jul 1991
Info: Really fast lil'' bike for me and for those days, and easy to maintain. I bought it 2nd hand in good condition, used it daily for commuting and some months of courier job. It had a funny electrical fault that made it randomly unable to start whenever rained! I also had for a couple of years a Spanish variant of this model, the Sanglas-Yamaha 400 Y, whose engine parts were born in Japan (pic attache
1991 Yamaha XJ 600

Photos: 1
Purchased: May 1997
Sold: Jun 1999
Info: I paid probably too much for this 2nd (probably 3rd, and possibly with a crash on it) hand bike. Engine was ok, but it had some faulty frame/steering that I wasn''t able to fix. It could make nearly 200 km/h. which wasn''t bad, although it was sort of an open-door-oven in summer. Anyway, just a transition motorcycle.
1986 Vespa PX 200

Photos: 1
Info: My brother bought this vespa brand new, and I managed to borrow it after a couple of years. I made my first long trip (1000+kms) with this scooter, loaded with tent, sleeping bags, backpacks... and my girlfriend on top! Some time later, my then ex-girlfriend bought it from my brother and enjoyed it for many years. Here I was mending the clutch cable to return home. Note the "straw helmet"
1975 Vespa Sprint 150

Photos: 1
Info: I bought this one from my neighbour''s gardener. Not bad for a 18 y/o, in the Quadrophenia boom ;) The picture is borrowed again (sorry again!), but I chose this one because mine looked nearly the same.
1976 Montesa Cota 123

Photos: 3
Info: My first bike, well, shared with my bro. We had to sell our stamps, an easy decision... Actually, it was a Cota 74 model. Though a bit smokey, greasy & oil leaking bike, it helped me meet some girls in secondary... he-he. Oh, and it was able to climb over rocks! I exchanged it after some years for a refurbished Sanglas 400 ex-Guardia Civil, which I cannot upload because that famous Spanish mark is
1994 Triumph Trident 750

Photos: 3
Info: My friend Roger lent me this wonderful trident, in fact a 900cc model, tuned and modified to the minimal. With this blacky thing I made more than 2000 kms around New South Wales in the summer of 2004, including the famous Putty Rd. Loved its three-pot sound, its power and agility.
2007 Yamaha TMAX 500

Photos: 3
Purchased: Apr 2008
Info: THIS BIKE WAS STOLEN LAST WINTER :((( [Bought this Mega after the Nexus 500 xperience. Sooo different machines! Low GC really matters: it gets to the job obediently in all kind of roads. Love how it sounds, no DaVinci required. Metallic blue is not my fav (though it seems like a curse considering my past bikes), but if I''d wanted it in black it''d be another month of desperation.]
 Personal Photos
Personal Photos
Info: Puerto del León, Madrid. In this area is where Hemingway was supposed to inspire himself "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Sixtysome years after, in a cold and quick trip around twisted Guadarrama roads. Bless the BMW heated grips. No, it''s not Ernest portrayed here.

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