mikey6sik6's 1980 Yamaha XS 850
Info: Just dropped off the deposit. This one runs. Its gona be daily-driver/cafe-rat. I'll keep the status of the bike changes up untill the full rebuild, but that wont be till after the KZ is done.
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Info: What?!... A tripple? What that? Lets find out..
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Info: How many dife bikes can we use to make one carb set for a bike? I count three so far. *@$wtf?
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Info: glorified... in the light sof the,,, actually that light was random but it came out looking ok.
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Info: clubman.... that makes a big dif.. now if it will just start again for me..
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Info: Loud as Sh1T and scary fast... gotta love those triples.
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Info: another new color( I droped the tank)
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Info: i'm realy starting lto like this bike.
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Info: needs more work to clean up that messy rear, but soon it will be better, this i sgonna be the daily driver ince the fund appropriate.
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