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Member: mitch87
Name: Mitch
From: Essex, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years old
Riding For: 15 years
Member Info: Learnt to drive and ride at 12 (off road obviously), had my mind set on getting a moped at 16 which I did (sold on ebay). 17 and my mate was selling his YZ 125 which I thought would be a good idea to get, but I didnīt get on with it and felt it would be the bike that killed me if I kept it again sold on ebay I then did my full bike test and spontaneously bought the ZXR (ebay), it was a great bike but being modified it was also quite hard work keeping it looking tidy and I spent a lot of money on it. Was a great learner bike, I had it at 33bhp. Owned it for exactly a year then sold it on ebay to a guy up north and since have heard its appeared on there a couple of times again. I then bought a car (clio) and so that drowned all the money from my ZXR with insurance being so expensive I couldnīt afford a bike aswell. Summer 06 I decided I wanted another bike but couldnīt quite afford it, so kept my eye on the market and looked at bikes Iīd like. I saved a bit of cash and decided I wanted a bike, I was waiting for a SV650s in good condition to come up locally. Scouring ebay, January 07 I found the one I wanted, it had been on ebay 2 hours and I went to view it that night and bought it. Extremely pleased with it, its a great mid bike and you get a lot for your money compared to other makes and models. The story goes on....
2001 Gilera Stalker 50

Photos: 4
Purchased: May 2003
Info: Nice scooter, fast acceleration, and get better grip off road than any other.
1992 Kawasaki ZX-4R

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jul 2004
Info: I´ll do it later!
2000 Suzuki SV 650s

Photos: 3
1989 Yamaha YZ 125

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jun 2004
Info: I got this bike, but being quite short found it hard work riding. It was too highly tuned to run on the road without thrashing it all the time. Sold it not longer after getting it, was a scary ride, 30bhp on such a light bike.
1985 Yamaha RSX 100

Photos: 2
Purchased: Sep 2001
Sold: Dec 2001
Info: Loverly first bike me and my mates had as a field bike! Went well and easy to work on and learn, put some trials tyres on it for extra traction on the woodland trails. Wicked fun!
1985 Honda PXR 50

Photos: 1
Info: bought this bike for Ģ20 off some kid, got it working again. even managed to get the V5 for it. now sits in my mates garage doing nothing.
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