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Member: mojaverider03
Name: Matt VanHorn
From: PA, United States
Gender: Male
Riding For: 24 years
Member Info: IŽve been riding since as long as I can remeber. It all started on my grandfathers 86 Yamaha Moto 4 200. I love riding. IŽll ride anything as you can see from my pics of what IŽve owned. I donŽt need anything too big to prove myself. Even though its time for a bigger quad and those new SuzukiŽs are tempting. I also love working on quads and bikes. If theres something I canŽt fix on a quad it belongs in the scrap yard. If I do get anything new it would be a bike probably a dual purpose bike.
2003 Kawasaki Mojave

Photos: 7
Purchased: May 2003
Info: This is my first and only ATV I ever purchased brand new. I take this thing riding almost every weekend. I probably have a good 300 plus hours on it. Mods: Uni air filter, moose hand guards, moose full chasis skid plate, moose swing arm skid plate, and a trail tech computer.
1985 Honda Big Red

Photos: 10
Purchased: Nov 2002
Info: I purchased this in November with that 200s I had in a package deal from the original owner. It was all stock all the way down to the dry rotted stock tires when I got it. This is my work horse/mudder. I mainly use this for getting firewood anymore in the spring time. I only put 26 hours on it this past year. Mods: are GBC Gators and a tiny tach.
1986 Honda TRX 250 (Fourtrax)

Photos: 1
Purchased: Mar 2006
2006 Kawasaki KLX 250

Photos: 5
Info: I just purchased this 4/21/06 and its raining so I can´t ride it. But I put 21 miles on the bike prior to the rain when I got it home from the dealer. Being my first bike I love it, I should have bought one years ago.
1986 Kawasaki Tecate 3

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jul 2003
Sold: Oct 2004
Info: I used to have 2 86 KXT250b Tecate´s. Both ran great and were scary fast. GPS unit said it did 86 mph. Mods: K&N air filter and DG silencer, stock bore
1986 Honda XR 80

Photos: 4
Info: I only bought this because it was near mint condition. I was hoping it would be an easy fix. Sold it because it only had 50psi of compression. And I didn´t feel like putting money into it.
1982 Honda ATC 250

Photos: 4
Sold: Sep 2004
Info: For along time this was my daily rider. Then I blew it up. Melted the rings right to the cylinder wall. I couldn´t even kick it over. I had to have the cylinder bored 1.50mm over. Mods: wiseco piston, uni air filter, jetted, and douglas aluminum wheels on the rear
1987 Suzuki LT 230

Photos: 2
Info: This was a great quad. Payed $400 for it. All I did was replace the swing arm bearings because the kid took it apart and didn´t know how to put it back together. Mods: bone stock besides scott hand grips.
1985 Yamaha yfm 200

Photos: 1
Info: This was my first ATV. 1985 Yamaha YFM200N Moto 4. No suspension, that was a blast. I ended up parting it out in the end because I needed money. Mods: moose air filter
1985 Yamaha tri moto 225dx

Photos: 4
Sold: Jul 2003
Info: This was a great trike. My favorite all around trike. They´re very stable unlike the 250sx. I spent hours on this machine and ended up selling it on the internet.
1984 Honda ATC 200

Photos: 1
Sold: Jul 2003
Info: This was the nicest ATC200s I ever owned. I ended up selling it to one of my friends for way under what it was worth.
1986 Honda 250 SX

Photos: 3
Sold: Jul 2003
Info: This beast I picked up for a whopping $25.00! It ran great always started in the first kick when I got it. It just looked like crap and the guy wanted it out of his garage. I don´t know if it was just this 250sx or what but this in my opinion was one of the worst handling 3 wheelers ever made. You look at this thing wrong and it would tip over. Mods: none besides holeshots
1985 Kawasaki KLT 110

Photos: 4
Sold: Dec 2004
Info: This is actually a KLT160. I purchased it from the original owner and I even got the title and owners manual with it. I have nothing bad to say about these little trikes they run good. The only thing they could have used was an electric start. There isn´t too many trikes that have shaft drive and reverse. Mods: uni air filter
1983 Honda ATC 185

Photos: 1
Info: I bought this right after I bought my Moto 4 back in the day. I wish I had more pics of it. All I can say is I beat the hell out of this thing and it never gave up. My friend wrecked it and broke his collar bone on it then I got rid of it. Mods: 200x top end with wiseco piston.

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