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Member: monkeyman
Name: Brian
From: South East, London, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Riding For: 48 years
Member Info: 1st bike was a little Honda 50cc had some good times on that, also had Lambretta SX 200 in the 70s. long lay off due to kids coming along then got back into bikes around 1995.Kwak450 LTD..Yam Virago 1100, Kwak VN1500,Suzy SV650,Harley Sportster which i sold for the Triumph Adventurer.I love this bike,its comfy and also does motorways when i need to,its purely for relaxing and getting away from everything...... just get on and bugger off....
2000 Triumph Adventurer

Photos: 3
Purchased: Aug 2003
Info: My 1st British bike... and i love it. It does just wot it says on the tin,it cruises,it does motorways and is a great ride round the country lanes its so comfy. The tripple engine is just so blooming luverly. Ok so its designed for the USA market and looks different to the GB wot? I like the rear end... and the middle bit.... and the front end...and its mine...right !!! ok !!!
2000 Suzuki SV 650s

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 2000
Info: My preference is towards cruisers but my son bought a 125 Cagiva Mito and after riding it couldnt believe how it handled. Ive liked the SVs since they came out and bought a new one and i have to admit it is an absolute peach to ride.I would recommend it to anyone.Ive had this one for 4 years now and have loved and cherished it,its only got 9000 on the clock has a few mods..can, black double bub
1968 Lambretta SX 200

Photos: 1
Info: This was my 2nd bike, i took my dad to Cohburn & Hughs in Haringay to sign for a BSA 250 bike but when he saw it he said "No... you aint having that" he saw the Lambretta and said "you can have that instead". I was well peed off. I had to sell my leather jacket and get a bloody Parker instead.. i was not kept oiling the plug i never did get it sorted.My son saw the p
1995 Yamaha Virago XV1100

Photos: 1
Info: Traded in the EN 450 LTD for this one,the wife says its the most comfy of all the bikes i have had. She cant ride with me any more due to ill health but im sure she would have liked the Triumph to.Kept this for around 2 1/2 years then traded it for the VN 1500... still not sure i did the right thing.
1991 Harley Davidson XLH 883

Photos: 1
Info: Mistakes..... we all make em..dont we? Sold the VN 1500 and bought the Sportster.But let me put things right.. i loved the look of this one and still do.Dont care what anyone says this is a great looking bike.I had to have a Harley...just had to..but got the wrong one. At 45 to 50 mph it was bearable...just.. but faster than that and it was awfull..just to many vibes. Dont get me handled
1985 Kawasaki 450 LTD

Photos: 2
Info: This was my !st bike after a very long lay off.I wasnt into the sportsbike thing and this was a cheap way to start again.It helped me learn all over again and showed me just how much riding on todays roads was not going to be like it used to be in the 80s. I was a lot older and a little wiser....thank God... easy does it as they say.Kept it for almost 2 years and traded it in for the Virago 1100.
1997 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500

Photos: 1
Info: This was actualy a VN 1500 Classic but wouldnt show on the Kwak listings on this site... We called this bike the Beastie cos it was.It looked the biz and rode well enough, but i didnt like it around town,it just felt to heavy... i know.... wimp.But i never felt safe trying to filter with had to go.Then i made another mistake... i got me a Harley.... a little one..oops.

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