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Member: mr2e
Name: 2E
From: Tilbury, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years old
Riding For: 11 years
Homepage: http://www.essexbikers.co.uk/forum
Member Info: Im 2E, Mad, Brave, or just plain stupid.. you decide.. I love old bikes, not sportsbikes or shiny bits of plastics.. REAL CLASSICS!!!
1988 Honda CB 100

Photos: 4
Info: This was my 2nd CBT bike, i originally had the broken Honda CG125 seen below.. this was a 6V 1988 Honda CB100-N in original paintwork... nice bike but at times rather annoying...
1989 Honda CG 125

Photos: 3
Info: My trusty CG125 after a SMIDSY accident... I dont have any normal photos of it, it was my first 125 after crashing a 50cc Sym Cityhopper and swearing never to touch a bike again (was told i would never walk again so it was a bad accident) I had two CGs sitting in my dads garden, i took this one which needed a top end rebuild, sorted it out and rode it around. On travelling to my girlfriends
1989 Kawasaki GT 550

Photos: 7
Info: This was my ''first'' proper big bike after passing my test.. i originally went out and bought a 1982 Honda CBX550 but it never had a logbook/tax so i never owned it... i didnt ride it much as a camchain rattle resulted in the conrod being thrown through the engine, destroying it! After that i went and bought this, had a slight rattle but i was told they all do and it lasted pretty good.. until i
1979 Honda CB 750

Photos: 0
Info: I bought this bike after selling the GT, didnt expect to win it on Ebay but was glad i did.. had to drive to Somerset with a van to pick it up. It had so much history, bought my a soldier serving in Canada with the RAF, imported back here and lovingly cared for... i gave it the same amount of love till i crashed it into the back of a car that had stopped on a blind bend.. Sold it on and not

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