Declan Duncan's Member Page
Member: mrdunkable
Name: Declan Duncan
From: East Lothian, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 24 years old
Riding For: 7 years
Member Info: I''m Declan, been riding since early 2009. Took a liking to the CG125, and I turned out to be a nuciance to the CG world. I rode one to the ground, and then it got stolen, then i had a major crash with another one i bought and it got written off. needless to say, my riding days didnt start well. I then got some money from the insurers, got 600 for the write off CG, and i used half of that to buy a 1994 kawasaki GPZ500s, which wasn''t running due to a carb problem. so i then used more money to fix that up, sprayed it up too and got it running. Then that one got stolen too.... but i got it back. It had a lot of damage, mainly to the fairings and wiring... so i ripped them off and turned it into a streetfighter. I rode it for a few months and then put it up for sale as i wanted something bigger. Was offered a deal on a 2002 Triumph TT600, and i couldn''t say no!
1994 Kawasaki GPZ 500

Photos: 15
Purchased: Jun 2010
Sold: Apr 2011
Info: I got an insurance payout from an accident and found this bike for 300... All it needed was the carbs cleaned out as they were a bit gummed up, had been sitting for a wee while but it was still taxed, MOTd and insured. Was in okay condition for it''s year and i set to work immediately and got it running. Got stolen from me in early 2011, and got it back with a fair bit of damage, so i turned
2002 Triumph TT 600

Photos: 0
Purchased: Apr 2011
Info: So i got this as a part exchange deal on the GPZ... Had a bit of cosmetic damage, nothing serious, and a short MOT and tax. Again, nothing i can''t handle. Came with some lovely Metzler Racetecs, awesome tyre, and a carbon fibre rear hugger. So i got this on the road a couple weeks after i got it, passed the MOT with a couple advisories but mostly just because it''d been sat for a wee while
1999 Honda CG 125

Photos: 4
Purchased: Apr 2009
Sold: Oct 2009
Info: This bike taught be a lot over the short time i had it. It was stolen from my house during the night.
1993 Honda CG 125

Photos: 5
Purchased: Nov 2009
Sold: Nov 2009
Info: I had this bike a mere 2 weeks before some dozy twat in a renault espace didn''t see me and wrote it off. Took the engine and wiring out to put into a new frame, currently still working on it.
1985 Kawasaki GPZ 600

Photos: 10
Purchased: Jun 2009
Sold: Sep 2009
Info: Bought this bike a while a go, for a summer project to take up some of my time. It was worse than I thought, and i ended up selling it to a bike breaker for 100. It''s currently in bits.

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