nangnanging's 1986 Honda CBX 250

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Purchased: Aug 2006
Sold: Nov 2010
Information: Well, it had been nearly 12 months since I sold my ZX-6R and I thought I needed another bike. Just a little cheap one for commuting, the kind that you don''t mind hammering full throttle down the driveway in shorts & t-shirt down to the local shops. I wanted a thumper and I had a go on a XR-400R, but I needed a road bike. I saw this add for a CBX250 and I went to check out for memory sake (same as my first bike). I promised myself I wouldn''t buy it, but I had this stupid grin on my face when I test rode it, it felt like I was 16 again! Never know what you''ve lost till it''s gone. It''s no ZX-6R, but I''ve had it for 3 months now and don''t regret it for a second. It was lovingly restored and is about 3 bikes put into 1. So far it has been very reliable and I have had to spend little on it, mostly preventative maintenance. There is a leak from the clutch cover gasket so I took the bikini fairing off so I don''t need to keep cleaning it, looks cool with out it I think. Put new fork seals, thick oil and preload spacers in the forks to give some beef to an otherwise pathetic front end. As with the first, I average just over 3L/100km on it, but 2.5L/100km is possible on the open road. I take it everywhere, even off road occasionally.

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