napo's 2002 Yamaha XJR 1300
Info: a right corner on circuit lelystad in the netherlands. with foot rest squirking on the ground! :)
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Info: 48 people took the course...

i did the course with my own bike (honda blackbird) but the yamaha fjr1300 what i drove was from yamaha netherlands. i assisted on the track with the trainers from free...
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Info: taking a high speed corner to the left...with footpegs on the ground...and offcourse a greeting with left hand...

the fjr1300 is a very easy to ride bike...even though it weights 286kg.
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Info: check the left footrest...wooww...the ground was close to the exhaust...:) or visaversa, but anyway, see the sparks coming of the footrest...what a fun thing to do! :)
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Info: right kneedown, no more comment...
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Info: another kneedown on touringmachine...what a fun thing to do :)
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