nialis's 1991 Suzuki Bandit 400
Info: This is a front view of the mighty Bandito 4, notice the powdercoated... uhhh.. Well everything! This bike was taken down to the frame and gone thru, much nicer now then brand new!
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Info: Profile view of the bandit! Damn thing is really a good looking bike. The red on this bike was colormatched to a Ferrarri 512TR (So I am told!) It's red and it looks good that's all I know!
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Info: Look at that tail section hubba hubba... Err umm yeah! This tail section is a one piece jobbie, I am not sure if they cam like that though, As this bike was a work in progress when I bought it. The ta...
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Information: This bikes name is "The Bandit" I know it''s not very catchy but hey it sticks... I bought the bike off of a friend of mine as a commuter, then I realized it wasn''t an underpowered overwieght standard scoot! This bike it such a blast to ride, everyone who can ride a motorcycle should ride one of these bikes at least once! This bike is stock with the exception of: Rejet, Yoshi Zyclone Full system, and a gold valve fork job. This bike has over 31,000 miles on it and with the exception of the piss poor charging system it has been a dream to own. The fit and finish on the bike was ok but after it''s full restoration two years ago, it has been very easy to keep looking good!

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