Chris Becker's Member Page
Member: nickmakwell
Name: Chris Becker
From: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Riding For: 13 years
Member Info: Started on the GZ250 - then did 4000km (in 4 months) on the BMW K75S. Good bike, but wanted more refinement, power, handling above all else - bought another BMW - the R1100S. The only true sport BMW, this yellow beauty rocks. Did 13000km (in 10 months) before deciding I wanted more power, same or better handling. Hayabusa..............
1999 Suzuki Hayabusa

Photos: 1
Purchased: May 2005
Info: Couldnt help myself - wanted a K1200S and test rode one - lovely! but at close to 30 grand, too much money....ATM So, found this pearler - a true garage queen with less than 15,000kms (thats less than 10,000miles!) at a third price of a new K1200S!!!! will keep this one for a long time......
1998 Suzuki GZ 250

Photos: 1
Purchased: Oct 2003
Sold: Apr 2004
Info: My first bike. Real easy to ride. Too small for me - I weigh over 100kg (220lbs) and this thing could barely reach 65mph. Should have bought a standard, like an ER-5 or GS500 first, would have kept it longer.
1986 BMW K 75 S

Photos: 3
Purchased: Apr 2004
Sold: Jul 2004
Info: Jap import Jan 03, I got it with full set of panniers, crash guards and only 36000kms on the clock. Had it checked by the BM Shop, says all it needs is the 40,000km full service and it should run forever. In 18 years of business they said they have never rebuilt a K75 motor (one K100), they just keep going and going.
1999 BMW R 1100 S

Photos: 7
Purchased: Jul 2004
Sold: May 2005
Info: Okay - I needed a new bike, a sportier steed. Searched everywhere, then found out about these BMWs....WOW! Yes, they dont make as much HP - at the top end...but everywhere else? Ride the torque wave my friends. Staintune pipes, chip, 95 rwhp, 75 rwftlbs. Panniers, cylinder protectors. Should last forever. Great to ride, adjustable suspension on the fly!! And YELLOW! Sadly, this beauty has to
2005 BMW K 1200 S

Photos: 3
Info: Probably my next bike - if I can swing the money - would be the almost perfect autobahn tourer. Also want the R1200GS to go alongside it.....
2005 BMW R 1200 GS

Photos: 2
Info: The perfect bike for Australia, with our main roads being goat tracks, and most of the country worth exploring is gravel or unsealed. What a bike! Would be perfect with factory cruise control, and I can´t wait for the Adventure version!

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