nickyjano's 2007 Honda CG 125
Info: When it was brand new, all clean and shiny..
Didn't last long mind you.
Also felt really odd to ride without L plates after passing test, even on my bigger bike I felt I should still have them on.
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Info: Camping in Pembroke, notice the over sized panniers.
My feet couldn't even touch the pillion pegs, I had to just let my legs dangle which made me feel like something out of WW2/russia while going thr...
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Info: Mike and the CG
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Info: Mike and the CG.
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Info: Just look at that ass!
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Info: Yes it did actually move though it wouldn't go over 50 haha.
We rode to Pembroke from swansea, with me as pillion, like this.
Then all over Pembroke seeing the sites.
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Info: Getting filthy......
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Photos: 7
Purchased: Apr 2008
Sold: Oct 2008
Information: My second bike, also my second CG. Had even more fun on this one and a lot more trials and tribulations. Was used to go camping in Pembroke and riding all around the tourist spots. Even got pulled over by a police man wondering why it was so far away from where it was registered with two people on it, my other half had me pillion. Also past my test with this bike despite the fact it was stolen the day before! Obviously got it back but did sell it a few months after wards to fun a bigger bike.

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