nickyjano's 1992 Honda CB 400
Info: Before the crash looking all angelic.
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Info: Dr Evil: Here we have project big one mwahahahah
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Info: After the crash.
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Info: Impossible to get these clocks, someone on ebay actually bought a whole bike to get them!
Stuck them back together with sticky tape, speedometer worked but the rev counter didn't, was about 2 rpm out...
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Info: Poor mudguard broke leaving me splattered in dirt everytime I went out.
Russian bike for the win :P.
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Purchased: Oct 2008
Sold: Jan 2009
Information: My first big bike, CB400 SuperFour Project Big 1. Loved the name, Austin Powers much? :D Had my first crash on this bike and broke my right hand :(. Couldn''t have ridden it more than a handful of times before deciding to sell. Was one of the more annoying bikes, had a dodgy tendancy to guzzle fuel (20mpg anyone?) probably a petrol leak somewhere. Decided in the end to sell up and get out of the money pit of death, and went for a stinking V-Twin :P.

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