oldninjadude's 2007 Kawasaki ZX-6R
Info: Veterans day 2012.
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Info: The bike is a 2007 ZZR/ZX6R.
The 06 swingarm, new brake line, Chopped RS-3 can & my nifty $15 ebay exhaust bracket. Not the red caliper bracket also.
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Info: just after Halloween.
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Info: Last week the weather let me get the bike out.
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Info: Every good bike needs a sound system.
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Info: Me & the bike (her name is Joan) this was 12/21/12 my "End of the world ride"
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Info: Deals Gap (aka "the Dragon") Jun 2012
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Information: The bike is a 2007 Kawasaki ZZR/ZX6R. Iv modded the bike heavily with after market & ZX6R parts, The list is to long to list. I got it new in 07, with zero miles, Its now got 52,000+ . Yeah we love to ride. I have taken 1-4 road trips a year, An annual trip to Deals Gap is usually the highlight of the year. This year however I''m going to the UK, for the Isle of man TT, Sadly the bike will have to set this one out.

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