one2dmax's 1985 Yamaha V-Max 1200
Info: Muscle Bike in 2007 (updated soon) - Black Chrome Side.

3" over arm
1200 engine with milled block, ported heads, larger cams
Muscle Jet Kit
Everything Chrome (left side regular chrome and r...
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Info: 1500 Engine we built for a customer (mine to be done soon). A lot of chrome on this one. Ported heads, bigger cams, HD oiling system, ect...
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Info: Muscle Rear Seat Vs. Stock Rear Seat

Much more comfortable!
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Info: 1985 as received for friend. Rough Shape cosmetically but ran excellent. Stock except for kerker slip-ons.
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Info: 1985 For friend. After painting body set. Still not done yet.
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Info: Stripes added for 1985 for friend. More pics to come.
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Info: Getting the tire hot!
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Info: Waiting. This shows the regular chrome side.
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Info: This is one of our drag bikes. Built back in 1985 after the original owner crashed it when it was almost new. It's chain driven, on methanol (alcohol), mechanical injection, custom ignition, fat tire,...
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Info: Nearly done on the build. We sell chrome on exchange basis and this stuff is awesome.
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Info: Almost there on this side. Barnett was removed since it could not hold the power at the track.

Check out the black chrome.
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