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Member: orca
Name: Acrorellik
From: Gauteng, Gauteng, South Africa
Gender: Male
Riding For: 15 years
2004 Honda CBR 400

Photos: 12
Info: Bought this "Baby Blade" and did over 10 000km in first two months! She´s pushing out 59hp & runs a top speed of 220km/h+. Sporting after market exhaust & Ohlins rear shock.
1990 Honda CBR 400

Photos: 3
Info: First time I EVER rode a bike was when I took this off the dealership floor and home with me. Standard NC23, no after market "goodies". Ran 210km/h on a dyno and pushed out 55hp.
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Info: Daughters Pocket Bike
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Info: My daughter and I started racing Pocket bikes She is racing in the Novice Class this year, class for beginer riders. I am racing in the Senior Class A group, bikes limited to 3.8HP.

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