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Name: Andrew
From: Bermuda, Bermuda, Bermuda
1994 Kawasaki AR 80

Photos: 10
Info: 1994 Kawasaki AR80. BDK 93 kit, BDK Pipe, BDK manifold, sprockets, BDK yellow box, 21 mm carb etc. Lots of chrome, see pics. Entire front unit, clutch lever, front brake lever, swingarm, passenger pegs, rear drum brake cover, drum brake line, gear selector, back brake lever (foot),and back silly bar (passenger holder). Custom silver paint job, looks better in person. (Blue AR not mine....member:
1997 Yamaha DT 50

Photos: 2
Info: 1997 Yamaha DT50, painted in chrome illusion, first bike in bermuda to have it. Little bits of chrome, giannelli pipe, kit etc. Frame and swingarm are painted in metallic purple. Changed the rims to pinkish water catchers. Has a double diamond stiched seat. Scrambling handlebars and so on.....SOLD :(
2003 Piaggio Zip SP

Photos: 10
Info: Polini EVO 70 Polini EVOLUTION 7 pipe Polini Crank Malossi Primary Gear Wheel (not on right now) Hebo Back Clutch w/Metra Kit purple bell (Black Spring) Polini full race front clutch (Have Polini Inner Rotor Front clutch) Bottom Half matched MVT Inner Rotor Ignition Metrakit Digital Tach Bike has INSANE power...pulls wheelies every start...imposible to keep front on ground when racing
1998 Kawasaki AR 80

Photos: 4
Info: Wickedest AR in Bermy!!! Spray job is hott....
2005 Honda SH 50 (Scoopy)

Photos: 8
Info: My girlz bike....lookin fresh
2006 Honda Wave 125

Photos: 6
1991 Kawasaki AR 50

Photos: 4

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