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Member: painfulbliss
Name: Shaun K
From: Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Gender: Male
Age: 28 years old
Riding For: 15 years
Member Info: Hey, my name is Shaun, I’m 17, 6^3 and 185lbs. I am entering my final year in secondary education at Brookswood in Langley. I like riding dirtbikes, started out with a CT70, thena ´77 CT125 :P. Gratfully I then moved onto a ´83 XL200 which has been a great bike for me but is now too small. Now its all about my IT200 :P. Got my friend james into this shit and now all that I can say is jbusser lolz take a look. SK.
1983 Honda XL 200

Photos: 3
Info: Well, I really learned to ride on this bike. Although it isnt much of what I started out with because almost every engine part has been replaced at one point or another over the last four years. Big hole for money, but good times o the good times.
1984 Yamaha IT 200

Photos: 41
Info: So i bought this bike in October of 2005. I blew a bottom end barring 1/2 an hour later. took the whole thing apart. Spent 1000+ dollers on parts. Then James and I put it all back together. After a friend and I put it back together, the gears would not stay engaged. Thankfully, his father fixed that for beer. June 3rd was the first time that I took it away from home, not more than 15 hou
1977 Honda CT 125

Photos: 1
1977 Honda CT 70

Photos: 1
Info: lol. thats all. just lol.
1984 Yamaha XT 200

Photos: 4
Info: Xtwo. He bought two of these things and although one has been a pain, experience gained was key to his massive collection of bikes now lol. Totaly rebuild them X2 easy.
2002 Yamaha TTR 125

Photos: 3
Info: Paul....hes just Paul...lolz
1985 Yamaha IT 200

Photos: 8
Info: /agree Its acually an ´84 but this site wont let me have the same model on so w/e. James´ again, loves it, 37 hp.
1984 Yamaha XT 250

Photos: 2
Info: Friends Dads bike. He got it for 800 mint. Bit heavy but what do you expect?
2003 Yamaha WR 250F

Photos: 1
Info: needs to be rebuilt
2003 Yamaha PW 80

Photos: 3
Info: Friend''s little bro, my cuz has one too
2006 Boss Hoss 502

Photos: 0
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Bike: 1984 Yamaha IT 200
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