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Member: panthro
Name: Gerwin Batten
From: Sint Willebrord, Noord Brabant, Netherlands
Gender: Male
Age: 35 years old
Riding For: 18 years
Member Info: I adore bikes! I had 4 of them untill now. An aprilia RS250, RS50, Honda CB250 and a kawasaki ninja ZX6R (2000 model). The Honda CB250. This one is a project of mine and Iīm totally stripping and refining it to eventuelly be a real beaty! The aprilia RS50 is something from my younger days. I just couldnīt part with it ;) Began to ride about 6 years ago. Never wanted to do anything else since :) The RS250 en RS50 are sold recently. I didn´t like parting with them but it was necessary (sob, sob)
1994 Honda CB 250

Photos: 1
Info: This CB (aint got a picture of it yet) is a little project of mine. I am converting this baby into a streetfighter. Not as brutal as the most of the streetfighters, but it will catch your eye when I´m done with it. I hope my girlie is going to like this bike when the time comes. If she likes it she´ll probably want to get her drivers license too ;)
2000 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Photos: 1
Info: Double bubble windscreen and Laser round Carbon exhaust. Sounds great!!! Soon to come: clear lenses for the tail-lights, some ergal titaniam bolts and who knows.....;)
1995 Aprilia RS 250

Photos: 1
Info: WP racing suspension fitted along with an upside-down front fork. Stainless steel brakepipes give a bit more feel for the double brembo 4 calipers up front. Much carbon fitted and ergal titanium bolts fitted for a little weight reduction and its really cool to look at too ;) 70hp, 130kg. Not a bad combination I would say, haha!
1997 Aprilia RS 50

Photos: 1
Info: This one I kept totally original. It goes about 100kph and thatīs pretty enough for a 50cc in my eyes. If I want to go faster I can alway get my rs250 out of the shed ;) This is really a sort of collectorīs item for me.

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