paulen's 2002 Kawasaki ZX-6R
Info: Brand new... only about 10 miles on the odo.  Note the lines on the tires. =^)
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Info: Note the black rims that came stock on this model as compared to the yellow ones displayed on the manufacturer's web site.
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Info: Showing stock rear quarters... will upload new pics after I add the Targa inner fender chop kit and hugger fenders I have on order.
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Info: After mods: Hugger Fender, Inner Fender+Smaller turn signals, Double Bubble tinted WS.
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Info: Rear-side showing the underside of the inner fender and the replacement turn signals.  Note the orientation of the signals (not perfectly straight) is due to asymetric shape of the license mount, not ...
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Info: I liked Lee's photo with the helmet so much I felt compelled to copy him! =^)
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Info: Had a little problem stopping today...
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Info: With new Hindle bolt-on stealth muffler (Graphite) and tail light integration kit.  Now I just need to figure out what to do about that damn plate...
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Info: Showing new license mount location.  Good visibility from directly behind bike.  All done with mods now I hope! =^)
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