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Member: paulodd
Name: Paul Odd
From: Essex / Coventry, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years old
Riding For: 12 years
Member Info: Hi, i love biking. Have been on a bike since the age of 12, have loved it and never thought of looking back. Can get my knee down on a ER5 and am looking into doing several track days. Ive had 2 accidents, the first the CG went under a volvo, 50/50 fault. The second one was more serious, his fault completly, bike was totalled and i ended up with a broken back and fractured collar bone. That didnt stop me, bought another ER5 and continue to ride. Just bought myself a ´99 R6, and can´t wait to test its limits.
2001 Kawasaki ER5

Photos: 1
Info: 2001 ´Y´ Reg Kawasaki ER5. 15,000miles on the clock. Bought for 1200
1999 Yamaha YZF-R6

Photos: 0
1985 Honda CG 125

Photos: 5
Info: My first bike. Got it when i was 12. Ragged it around a private field then made it road legal when i was 17. Took my test on it and rode it around till i bought my first ER5. The bike still runs well but is currently in my garage declaired SORN
1998 Kawasaki ER5

Photos: 1
Info: 1998 s Reg Kawasaki ER5. approx 50,000 miles on the clock when i bought it for 610 on ebay. Got pulled on it once by the police for having my Knee Down around a roundabout. Then some guy pulled out on me, totalled the bike and i ended up with a broken back and fractured collar bone. It was his fault. Am still awaiting to find out whether or not i´ll get compensation.

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