phidauex's 2000 Aprilia SR Racing 50
Info: A rear view. Check out the trimmed rear mudguard and license plate. This offers a much cleaner look to the rear end! I'll be raising, trimming and cleaning up those turn signals as well, I just haven'...
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Info: Here is a front view of my SR50. Notice the driving light dangling beneath the headlight? Thats 50W of additional brightness I can switch on if I'm afraid people won't see me, of if I need a little mo...
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Info: Just a nice side view. Too bad my back yard is so ugly. :)
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Information: This is my SR50. It has been equipped with a Leovinci ZX exhaust, 4.7g weights, a stiffened contra-spring, and a high-brightness driving light. The poor thing was recently stolen, and subsequently recovered. Saddly, it was recovered in a ''less than pristine'' shape, because the rat-fucker who stole it didn''t treat it with the respect it deserves! However, they caught the culprit, and he will be paying to completely repair the vehicle. I may take this opprotunity to perform a restyle on the bike. So look around for some pics of a newly styled reincarnation of this scooter! Come to to check out my official website for the scooter. There isn''t much on there, but it includes some pictures of the theft damage, as well as a fully itemized damage estimate with part numbers. Peace.

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