phil6rr's 1990 Kawasaki KR-1

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Information: Unfortunatly i never got a photo of this little puppy, again i never had this bike very long as i had bought it on a whim from a friend about 9yrs ago , havin bought the bike and all the safety gear leathers, boots, lid, etc. and booked up a 5 day direct access riding course and the time off work to do this, i stupidly got geared up and took the bike out for a ride. not even 2 miles up the road i was cought speeding in a 30mph limit, no tax or insurance and even worse no liecence thankfully with abit of good jammy luck i blagged it and brushed through with a fine and 3 of those lovely points. the next event was even more stupid most people wouldve gone home by this point, not me i thought well ive been cought what more can they do, they didnt need to do any more i did it myself, i continued to meet some friends at a pub 3 miles away, and apon leaving the pub the road was wet, i pulled out and the little KR1 high sided me trapping my foot in the rear wheel breaking in two (ooops) Mummy wasnt best pleased nor was i, had a week off work to do my test, spent 8 weeks in plaster and cut my losses. lesson learned. moral of the story dont be a d--k, there are laws and reasons why there are tests? its all to easy to make the wrong descision and i did just that!!!!

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