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Member: piwi
Name: Bartek
From: Toruń, Poland
Gender: Male
Age: 28 years old
Riding For: 18 years
Member Info: Hi! I have The Best Cagiva Planet 125 by "Piwiracing" and extra VW Golf III by "HAmmer Tuning" :):):) I´m looking for friends from Poland who have a Cagiva Planet 125, Cagiva Mito 125, Aprilia RS 125 motorcycle and rider from Toruń.
2000 Cagiva Planet 125

Photos: 106
Info: I WANT SELL THIS BIKE... OFFERS HERE: [email protected] I bought my motorcycle in September 2002 year and I registration him on October 2004 year. My father made rear wing, put check on the front wing and tuned the engine, so that now it does 190 kph max speed!!! It speeds up from 0 to 100 kilometres in the span of 4 seconds!!! This bike has ONLY 5.600km!!!
1999 Aprilia Leonardo 125

Photos: 14
Info: This scooter I would send.

Photos: 33
Info: This is my go-cart!!! We with my father created him from bases´ together with (winter 2003/2004), and frame is effect of his job. I have on my account many titles, np. THE W-CE MASTER of POLAND!!! I take part in contests active: Master of Poland.
2002 Sachs 125 Enduro

Photos: 9
Purchased: Nov 2006
Sold: Nov 2006
Info: This is super enduro/street cross with 125ccm engine!!! My Sachs ZX125 has supersport Akrapovic exhaust!! :D Mój Sachs ZX125 ma extra wydech Akrapovic, mini kierunki, tylną lampę w technologii LED z białym kloszem, lusterka formuła, nowy czarny lakier, nowe obicie fotela, nowy tłok itd... Jego stan jest perfekcyjny i nie ma się do czego przyczepić! :D kupi
1999 Sachs XTC Racing

Photos: 21
Purchased: Dec 2004
Sold: Apr 2005
Info: I sold this motorbike in 5 April 2005 of 1380 Eur / 5500 PLN!!! :[ :/ This is the best of the world Sachs XTC Racing 125!!! In January 2005 I gave to varnisher this motorcycle. He became varnished on my special order, according to my example! This is the the most beautiful style of depicting what I met among motorcycles Sachs... My father only made mechanical device, which it steers with
1994 Aprilia RS 125

Photos: 24
Purchased: Mar 2005
Sold: Apr 2005
Info: I sold this motorbike from 760 Eur/3500PLN!!! :[ This is my second motorbike: Aprilia RS (GS) 125 Extreme ´94. I bought this motor 5 March 2005. Do this time I had not as to test because lousy weather is him... to be visible on pictures this.... they became made soon after extraction motorcycle from car...
2000 Daelim Tapo 50

Photos: 8
Purchased: Feb 2005
Sold: May 2005
Info: I sold this scooter from 520 Eur/2500 PLN.
2000 Yamaha TDR 125

Photos: 16
Purchased: Feb 2005
Sold: Apr 2005
Info: I sold this motorbike from 1450Eur/5800PLN.
2005 Simson S 53

Photos: 25
Sold: Mar 2005
Info: I folded this motorcycle with father in 2005 year from bases´ with new parts together!!! Obviously father only tuned engine as well as expiratory arrangement (complette silencer) made! V - max = 90km / h. I sold in March this motor my colleague for sum 850 Eur.
1999 Yamaha DT 125

Photos: 12
Purchased: Feb 2005
Sold: Apr 2005
Info: I sold this Yamaha from 1400 Eur/5900 PLN!!! :-[ I bought this motorcycle in good state, from new cylinder and crowd as well as silencer. Ale colour was very dark and me he did not please so I had given him to repaint (at me every motorcycle has to have altered something). It is really excellent now! Engine was unblocked by my father obviously... altered silencer and now... it is loud and very ve
1999 Kawasaki KMX 125

Photos: 4
Info: This motorbike is my friend from Nakło in Poland. My father its services.
2003 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 6
2005 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 3
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heheh.. my TDR 125 is VERY VERY FAST and POWER!!! :)
Bike: 2000 Yamaha TDR 125
Length: 31 seconds
Views: 1704
My Yamaha DT 125 is THE BEST in THE WORLD!!! VERY FAST AND POWER!!! :D:D:D Tuning by piwiracing :)
Bike: 1999 Yamaha DT 125
Length: 13 seconds
Views: 1204
THE BEST DT125R !! !! !! by piwiracing :)
Bike: 1999 Yamaha DT 125
Length: 12 seconds
Views: 1211
This is THE BEST Sachs XTC 125 IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!  Remember this!!!!   tuning by piwiracing :)
Bike: 1999 Sachs XTC Racing
Length: 2 seconds
Views: 1814
This is my gokart and I in action!!! :)
Bike: 2004 WSK STAŚ KART
Length: 14 seconds
Views: 1864

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