pkl's 2003 Yamaha YZF 600
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Purchased: Sep 2002
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Information: Yamaha Blue/white, everything stock. This bike is a dream to own and ride. I know a lot of literbike guys who wouldn''t be happy with the top-end speed of this bike, but hey--its a torque-tuned street rider made for people who prefer the ergonomics of a standard, the speed and handling of a sportbike, and don''t want to be associated with a certain culture of people who spend half an hour "dressing up" to look the badboy role before they go riding. So far this bike has been incredibly reliable, comfortable, and fun to ride. I take it to work every day during the summer, and it does traffic duty as well as it tears up the backroads, thanks to its generous torque and a gear ratio that lends itself better to driving with cars. Removing the fairings is a pain in the butt, and you have to remove them to perform most types of service, but the bike only needs a couple of oil changes a season and that''s it. I flushed and replaced the coolant this year. The tires are very good. I got around 9,000 miles on the original rear, and the original front is about to need replacement after 11,000. No need to go looking for better rubber. I''m very satisfied with this bike, and I''d buy another Yamaha in a heartbeat.

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